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Idealliance Membership—Join Now

Idealliance membership is now available as part of PRINTING United Alliance. 

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When you become a member of the PRINTING United Alliance, you’re not only getting premier access to invaluable industry resources and cutting-edge information – you’re instantly making key connections that will support your business, guide you to immediate solutions, and set you on the surefire path to continued success. Explore the benefits of membership here.

Start Your Member Journey Today.

Benefits of Idealliance Membership

With an Idealliance Membership, you’ll expand your knowledge of industry trends and developments, network with industry experts and engage in new and exciting opportunities. Membership includes exclusive access to thought leader experts that provide industry-leading research, guidance on specifications and regulations as well as technical resources in multiple languages.

Members also have access to discounted trainings, member only events and more. English not your first language? Contact one of our affiliates for more details about the advantages of international Idealliance membership.

Full Membership

$ 550-$2950 Year
  • Brands
  • Consultants
  • Print Services
  • Industry Suppliers

Individual Membership

$ 95 Year
  • Single Professionals
  • Students
  • Retired

Higher Education Membership

$ 350 Year
  • All students
  • All educators
  • 80+ hours of training

Full Membership Partner Pricing

Idealliance Membership—Join Now

Do you have 4-5 people at your company that would benefit from membership? Join us as a member partner and your entire staff can enjoy the benefits of Idealliance membership. 

Full membership allows access to all information and services, including member pricing, and the right to serve on the Advisory Council. It includes all staff in the organization. 

Recommended for brand partners, consultant partners, print services partners, and industry supplier partners.

Membership Benefits

  • Special discount pricing on Idealliance’s extensive training and certification portfolio – get your team up-to-speed on core knowledge and skills. Members receive a discount off both on-demand and in person training. View our Course Catalog »
  • Discounted members-only pricing to THE industry premier on print – the Guide to Print Production, available as an immediate download or physical book.
  • Members-only participation in the Print Properties Committee (PPC) Working Group. The PPC is a diverse group of leading color scientists and developers, manufacturers, print service providers and end users that for forty years have been defining color standards and workflows for print & packaging media. They work on initiatives to help better the graphic communications industry. This is an exclusive Members Only Group open to all Idealliance Members.
  • Expert Corner – These are virtual gatherings designed to be a small, intimate format (max 15 guests), to allow our members to connect with an Industry Expert. With no additional cost for members, each invitation-only session will have a casual, conversational tone with each Expert. The conversation is tailored to the group and you will connect with experts in relevant industries such as Color Management, Design, Print and Packaging and more to transform the way you work – forever.
  • Members can Join our Idealliance Members Only Networking Group on Linkedin! Be the first to know about upcoming events, sales, and exciting industry news. This private group is for sharing relevant industry information and having discussions centered around the graphic communications industry, standards and specifications, and workflows for the print and packaging supply chain. Our Linkedin Group members also receive VIP notifications before they are posted to the general public. This includes first access to special events, members-only promotions, and other exclusive news that is only available here.
  • Access to Directories  for professionals and facilities that are certified by Idealliance – the world’s largest certifying organization in print
  • Exclusive downloadable resources such as datasets, profiles, color targets, specifications, tools, leading specifications, and much, much more (member login required). Easily accessible Technical Resources on color management – your how-to to improve your team and workflow.
  • Professional Video Library which includes how-to step-by-step instruction around leading practices in short digestible videos covering areas from PANTONE to Expanded Gamut (member login required).
  • BrandQ® and Industry Brief Webinar series including access to live webinars and the entire archive of past webinars. Gain insights into your workflow and efficiencies with Idealliance Print Briefs Webinars and GAMUT Podcasts – practical information to use today in your print process and control. (member login required)
  • The Idealliance Advantage Program gives you exclusive access to special rates and discounts on services and products from several industry vendors, suppliers, and business service advisors.
  • COLOR22 discounted registration for Idealliance members.

Brand Partner

$ 600 Year
  • Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Brand
  • Brand Design Agency
  • Media & Publishing

  • Advertising Agency

Consultant Partner

$ 550 Year
  • Small Business (1-5 employees)
  • Private Consultancy


Print Services Partner

$ 650 - $2950 Year
  • Less than $4 million in sales - $650
  • $4-25 million in sales - $1450
  • Greater than $25 million in sales - $2950

Industry Supplier Partner

$ 650 - $2950 Year
  • Less than $4 million in sales - $650
  • $4-25 million in sales - $1450
  • Greater than $25 million in sales - $2950

Individual Membership Pricing

Idealliance Associate Membership—Join Now

Individual-level membership with Idealliance includes all benefits listed above for Full Membership, for one individual, including membership pricing for on-demand and in person courses.

Does not include voting for or serving on the Idealliance Advisory Council.


$ 95 Year
  • Single professional
  • Student
  • Retired

Higher Education Membership Program

This membership offering is specifically for Higher Education organizations in the graphic communications industry. Does not include voting for or serving on the Board of Directors.

Idealliance recognizes that youth are the future of our industry in a global and highly technical environment, and we want to make available our basic skill education and certification programs to prepare the next generation.

Higher Education

$ 350 Year
  • All students
  • All educators
  • 80+ hours of training

How the Higher Education Membership Program Works:

For only $350 per year, all students and educators at an institution will have access to all the Idealliance membership benefits, including access to over 80 hours of leading certification training and exams.

Certification Courses Include:

  • Color Management Professional® (CMP) Fundamentals
  • Color Management Professional® (CMP) Digital Print
  • Color Management Professional® (CMP) Offset Print
  • Color Management Professional® (CMP) PreMedia
  • Color Management Professional® (CMP) Creative
  • Color Management Professional® (CMP) Sales
  • Print Planning & Estimating (PPE) Digital
  • Print Planning & Estimating (PPE) Offset
  • Print Planning & Estimating (PPE) Flexo
  • Print Planning & Estimating (PPE) Wide-Format
  • BrandQ® Manager Online Training (Great for Designers and working in Packaging)

Paper Application

Apply for any level of membership by downloading and filling out this PDF form. Click here to download the 2021 Idealliance Membership Application (PDF).

Submit Form and Payment


1800 Diagonal Road, Suite 320
Alexandria, VA 22314-2862

For more information about membership please contact

Donna Komlo, Operation and Membership Specialist
(703) 837-1060

Questions? For more information about membership please contact

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