Facility Certification

G7 Master Facility Qualification status indicates that the facility has calibrated certain equipment and systems to G7 gray balance and neutral tone curves and is capable of delivering G7 proofs and print products. While many G7 Masters are printing companies, other graphic solutions providers such as creative and premedia providers may also be qualified as G7 Masters.

G7 Process Control Master Certification includes thorough analysis and alignment of the entire print supply chain within a facility as well as their print supply chain partners, conducted by a G7 Process Control Expert, and evaluated quarterly by an independent third-party analysis laboratory.

BrandQ Certified Supply Chain Facility assesses key aspects such as process capability, performance, process control, color management, ISO Standards implementation, proof and press alignment, spot color rendering, pre-media capabilities, G7 calibration, and includes detailed reports and analysis. In addition to enabling brand communication, BrandQ provides a comprehensive evaluation of the suppliers and how they are meeting brand expectations and needs.

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