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Connect Community

Idealliance Connect is an online community where Idealliance members can ask questions and post discussions, access member resources, and connect with other Idealliance members.

Idealliance Print Properties Committee

The Idealliance Print Properties Committee (PPC) is a diverse working group of leading color scientists and developers, manufacturers, printer service providers and end users that for forty years have been defining color standards and workflows for print & packaging media. They work on initiatives to help better the graphic communications industry. Idealliance members are welcome to join.

Idealliance Advantage Program

The Idealliance Advantage Program gives you exclusive access to special rates and discounts on services and products from several industry vendors, suppliers, and business service advisors.

The following companies offer discounts through the Idealliance Advantage Program:

Please contact your Canon representative today to find out how you can be saving.

The Idealliance Shipping Program is a comprehensive inbound and outbound shipping program that combines simplicity, savings, and value for members of all sizes. As the Idealliance-endorsed shipping provider, Partnership® works with nationally known carriers to provide unparalleled customer service and significant savings on every shipment. Members who enroll in the Idealliance Shipping Program receive:

  • Savings up to 31%* on select FedEx® small package services
  • Savings of at least 70% on standard and guaranteed LTL freight shipments with UPS Freight, YRC Freight, and other reputable carriers
  • Competitive pricing on truckload, tradeshow, and expedited shipments using quality national and specialized carriers
  • Specialized services including inbound management, freight bill auditing, invoice consolidation, and more

SFP is a leading payment processing provider helping merchants navigate the constant changes in the bank card industry while keeping costs low, ensuring data security, and enhancing efficiency by making it simple to run transactions. SFP offers Idealliance members SFP credit card and ACH/check processing services at a special discount off its regular rates. Under the new program, SFP will provide a member company a savings proposal based on its unique processing needs and an SFP consultative analysis and will quote expected program savings in advance. Idealliance members will also enjoy these exclusive member benefits:

  • In addition to quoted savings, 10% of the net process revenue SFP generates from a member’s account will be rebated back to the member on an annual basis.
  • A 60-day trial period and no-cost equipment loaner program.
  • A free “AccessOne” online reporting system, a $120 annual value.
  • A dedicated Idealliance member helpline: (855) 632-9862.
As trusted advisors, SFP professionals assess each company’s current situation to evaluate its strengths and identify areas for improvement, and provide its employees with education on how the processing industry works and how to avoid common pitfalls.

Circle of Excellence Award

The Idealliance Circle of Excellence Award was established in 2005 to recognize extraordinary contributions by Idealliance Members who have transformed the graphic communications industry. These professionals—from brands and creators, to print service providers, to suppliers and technology partners—have improved the industry through new innovations across the print and packaging supply chain. The honorees are nominated, in concert by leaders of Working Groups and Staff, and chosen by the Idealliance Board of Directors.

Past Circle of Excellence Award honorees are:

  • Fred Hsu, The Graphic Communications Foundation – Development of global quantitative evaluation protocols and adoption
  • William Li, Eastman Kodak Co. – Advancement of graphic communications and color standards and best practice
  • Jason Lisi, Ryerson University – Advancement of graphic communications education programs
  • Mark R. Samworth, Esko USA – Advancement of color management best practices and innovation for industry standards
  • Lisa Bowes, Intelisent – Steady and steadfast leadership for Mail Software Development Group (MSDG) since 2014
  • Raymond Cheydleur, X-Rite – Leadership, advancement and collaboration in development and progression of International Standards
  • Andy Bullock, Sony Interactive Entertainment America – Inspiration and Advancement of brand quality programs and BrandQ® globally
  • Brian Keith, Microsoft – Leading and implementing brand quality supply chain certification globally between a brand and service providers
  • Jim Morton, Quad – Advancement & engagement for creation of the Mail.dat® industry standard for 25 years
  • Bob Galaher, National Association of Presort Mailers – Career encouraging cross-industry collaboration to improve mail supply chain
  • Marc Levine, Schawk! – Instrumental in the development of international standards for the exchange of brand and printer data
  • Bob Rosser, IWCO Director – Instrumental in the development of the 2018-2020 Mail Supply Chain Strategic Plan
  • Ben Cooper, Coalition for the 21st Century Postal Service – Career as industry’s foremost representatives on Capitol Hill
  • Tom Glassman, Wilen Direct – Founding Chair of Postal Education Working Group and launch of MailPro® Certification
  • Jeffry Wang, RIT – Key driver for the development of Idealliance professional, system, and workflow certifications
  • Bruce Bayne, Alder Technology, Inc. – Lead efforts major revision to test and submission forms for G7® Master
  • Shawn Baldwin, BCC Software LLC – Leadership to guide and expand Mail.XML with US Postal Service 


  • Julie Furbee, RR Donnelley – Lead collaborative teams for Paper Transit Damage Working Group
  • Dai Ichikawa, Time Inc – Guide innovative industry initiatives utilizing and expanding PRISM®
  • Al Ivan, Verso Corporation – 15 Years of Leadership for papiNet® from its founding in 2001



  • Ron Ellis, Ellis Consulting – Guiding industry groundbreaking work of GRACoL® Working Group
  • Joe Schick, Quad/Graphics, Inc. – Leading collaboration between industry mail and postal associations
  • Steve Smiley, Smiley Color – Lead groundbreaking collaboration for Print Properties & Colorimetric Council (PPC)



  • Hye-Jeong Ahn, Graphic World (Korea) – Inspiration for Idealliance global Affiliate Program
  • Michele Donahue, Conde Nast Publications – Founding Chair of Paper Transit Damage Working Group
  • Danny Rich, PhD, Sun Chemical Corporation – Technical development of color specifications



  • Ruth Stock, US Postal Service – Partner with Mail.dat® and Mail.XML™ Working Groups
  • Dave McDowell, NPES – Guide for CGATS® and leadership in ISO
  • John Dougherty, Hearst Magazines – Founding Chair of PRISM® Digital Image Working Group



  • Peter Meirs, Time Inc. – Founding Chair for eMedia21 and nextPub® Working Groups
  • Tim Quinn, Nazdar Ink Technologies – Contribution on the application of G7 to digital wide format
  • Bob Schimek, BCC Software, Inc. – Leadership for Mail.dat® Working Group
  • Wallace Vingelis, Window Book, Inc. – Founding Co-Chair of Mail Software Development Group (MSDG)



  • Frank Holland, The Clark Group, Inc. – Leading development of Advance Ship Notice Specification
  • Richard Presley, Kodak Graphic Communications – Supplier leadership for color certification programs
  • Mike Rodriquez, RR Donnelley – Technical development of international color data sets
  • Mike Ruff, Nazdar – Launch of Screen Print Working Group and development of Specifications



  • Mike Winn, Greylock Associates, LLC – Advance of the barcode for the US Postal Service IMb
  • Rich Bobic, Palm Coast Data – Founding Chair of Fulfillment Operations Group
  • Mike Candemeres, Conde Nast Publications – Launch cooperative initiative with Canada Post Corporation
  • Bruno Iannicca, Canada Post Corporation – Partner with Canada Post Corporation



  • Scott Bauer, Newsweek – Launch newsstand initiatives within Idealliance
  • Debbie Cooper, Quebecor World Logistics – Founding Chair of Mail.XML™ Working Group
  • Joel Rubin – Stewardship for SWOP and its transition to align within Idealliance
  • Dave Davis, Nationwide Midwest – Stewardship for transitioning NMBFC as Idealliance Working Group



  • Gerry Gerlach, Integrity Graphics – Stewardship of GRACol® Specification and G7®
  • Dave McDowell, NPES – Guide for engagement of Idealliance in ISO
  • Nubar Nakashian – Stewardship for transitioning SWOP® as an Idealliance Working Group
  • Larry Steele, ASU – Technical development of color specifications



  • Phil Thompson, Quad/Graphics – Stewardship of Mail.dat® Specification
  • Don Hutcheson, Hutchcolor, LLC – Concept, advance, and inspire G7®
  • Linda Burman, L.A. Burman Associates – Founding Chair of PRISM® Working Group
  • Joe Lubenow, Lubenow & Associates – Concept for Address Data Interchange Specification (ADIS)



  • Frank Montague, RR Donnelley – Technical development of PROSE/XML and papiNet® Specifications
  • Laird Popkins, Pando Software – Founding Chair of Information Content Exchange (ICE) Working Group
  • Larry Warter, FujiFilm – Leading international color standards and supporting Idealliance globally
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