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Upcoming Gamut Livestream, spotlight on Idealliance Mexico, many upcoming opportunities to attend a G7® Expert Virtual Open House in several languages, online training and certification to become a G7 Expert, and more. 

G7 Expert Color Management Training from Idealliance Virtual Open House

G7 Expert Virtual Open House—Upcoming Events

Attend the wildly popular G7 Expert Virtual Open House to get your questions about G7 answered by a G7 Expert who is in the field every day. Learn more about the various Idealliance Certified G7 Expert Trainers who teach the G7 Expert Certification Course, and understand the next steps to take in order for you to become a Certified G7 Expert.

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Gamut Livestream from Idealliance featuring Women in Print

Women in Print | Gamut Livestream

Kelsey Fields, Idealliance’s Program Manager, speaks with two women at different points in their career to learn what they’re doing to advance the industry and how their participation with Idealliance has supported them in doing so.

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If you’d like to sponsor a GAMUT event, please reach out to Sponsorship Manager Kelsey Fields at kfields@idealliance.org.

Idealliance News

WEBINAR | Measure Color Everywhere, On Everything

In this webinar, Dan Uress and Chuck Schonert will discuss applying and evaluating color on any surface, and how these tools play a vital role in your print production. Learn why and how we evaluate color, the tools available, and what we stand to gain with this vital piece of print production quality control.

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Print Properties Committee

The Idealliance Print Properties Committee (PPC) is a diverse working group of leading color scientists and developers, manufacturers, printer service providers and end users that define color standards and workflows for print & packaging media. Idealliance members are welcome to join.

International Affiliate Spotlight—Mexico

Mariana Sierra is the Managing Director for Idealliance Mexico. She supports the print and packaging supply chain throughout Latin America as global print quality programs continue to be implemented throughout the region. Idealliance México is proud to welcome and collaborate with Azael De La Cruz, a Spanish-speaking G7® Expert Trainer, to directly support training, certification and implementation of the Idealliance G7® methodology within Spanish-speaking markets.

  • The next G7 Expert Virtual Open Houses in Spanish are April 19 and May 6. 
  • The next G7 Expert training opportunity in Spanish is May 26-28. 

Upcoming G7® Training

G7 is the industry-leading standard for near-neutral and visual uniformity across all print technology. Become a certified G7 Expert to support your supply chain.

  • Idealliance GBA China (Live, Online, Mandarin/Cantonese)
    April 27-30
    Led by G7 Expert Trainer Mr. Wilson Chung

    Last day to register is April 23
  • Idealliance (Live, Online, English)
    May 24-28
    Led by G7 Expert Trainer Ron Ellis

    Last day to register is May 19
  • Idealliance Mexico (Live, Online, Spanish)
    May 26-28
    Led by G7 Expert Trainer Azael De La Cruz

    Last day to register is May 21
  • Presented in Partnership with Fujifilm (Live, Online, Spanish)
    June 21-25
    Led by G7 Expert Trainer Mike Whelpley

    Last day to register is June 16


Contact Jordan Gorski, Executive Director, to explore G7 training & implementing G7 into your print production for visual consistency and optimized color print production. jgorski@idealliance.org | 703.837.1096

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