Global Standards Update

In print and graphic communications, it is apparent, now more than ever, that the skills and knowledge to lead, excel, and adapt are even more necessary to directly control our work, processes, and technology. Idealliance continues to deliver leading standards to align the supply chain, as well as aligning training and certification to support these efforts.

  • PQX® and PRX, two critical initiatives led by Idealliance, are now being finalized as part of ISO-20616.
  • G7® near-neutral, as the foundation of gray balance and tonality based global print alignment, is also being further implemented as part of ISO 12647-2.
  • PrintWide® and ECG (7-color process) initiatives continue to push the industry forward across all global printing and packaging technology.

Look for more from Idealliance on all of these initiatives through 2021, and much more as Idealliance and its members—many of you who also actively engage with innovation and development—continue to lead the print and graphic communications supply chain across the globe. Idealliance’s Print Properties Committee will also be holding its first joint meeting with CGATS/USTAG in two years in April, and it is an exciting time to be further nurturing industry alignment.

Idealliance Members will also continue to be tied directly to this work, and receive exclusive access to initiatives for education, training, and certification on all of these fronts. Not only through Idealliance Working Groups, such as the Print Properties Committee (PPC), which generates many of the most used current standards in the industry, but also past and future initiatives to drive the industry forward. The Idealliance team has many new member initiatives to announce in the coming weeks, and we are excited to have you all engaged to drive your work and Transform the Industry…forever.

As the leading certifying body across all print and packaging, Idealliance certified professionals are also poised to continue to lead print service providers, technology providers, and creatives and print buyers.

Find a G7® Expert, Color Management Professional® Master, BrandQ® Expert, or G7 Process Control Expert in our official directories, or attend upcoming training to earn this critical expertise, and join the leading ranks of print, packaging and graphic communications certified professionals.

As vaccinations for Covid-19 are more and more widespread every day, it is exciting to continue to see the industry emerging from the pandemic and moving forward in an evolved, innovated position. We look to continue to serve and collaborate with all of you, and deliver skills, knowledge, and development for all of our members around the globe. It is inspiring to see these open doors ahead of us.

Stay well,

Jordan Gorski
Executive Director


(G7®, Color Management Professional®, PQX®, and PrintWide® are registered trademarks of Idealliance.)


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