WEBINAR: Displays and Exhibits: Maximizing the Impact of Color!

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March 15, 2023 2:00PM US ET
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Check out this month’s Idealliance webinar, as we delve into color for wide format, display and exhibit graphics. Joining us in this discussion will be the team from Orbus Display & Exhibit Group – Jaime Herand, VP of Graphic Operations, as well as G7® Experts Brian Kuhar, Graphics Manager and Michael Berger, Graphics Production Manager who will cover the challenge of aligning color across multiple facilities and multiple applications and the impact G7 has had on their workflow and production.

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In this webinar, Steve Smiley ISO Expert, former Chair of the Print Properties Committee, & G7 Expert Trainer, along with Dianne Kennedy, editor of ISO 20616-1 (PRX) & ISO 20616-2 (PQX), and PQX Expert Trainer, discuss with Chuck Schonert the impact of PQX for brands, print buyers, and print and packaging service providers. Learn how PQX is shaping and standardizing print and print buyer interacting to increase communication while eliminating proprietary and limiting approaches to print reporting and communication.

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This is an Idealliance sponsored event, and by registering, you understand that you may be contacted by Idealliance. Full Privacy Policy Available Here.

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  • While women are making up an increasingly larger portion of the print industry, the long history of it being a male-dominated field has not been forgotten.
  • Kelsey Fields, Idealliance’s Program Manager, will be speaking with women at different points in their career to learn what they’re doing to advance the industry and how their participation with Idealliance has supported them in doing so.
“It will be exciting to see the direct-to-garment industry continue to grow and evolve to best serve its customers who demand consistent, aligned color and branding, regardless of the printed product.”
— Tim Quinn, Nazdar Consultant and G7® Expert
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Workflow Innovations—SPECTRUM

Through the annual cycle of discovery, testing, and reporting the Idealliance SPECTRUM connection advanced the science of print, revolutionized workflows, developed specifications, fostered implementation of emerging print technologies.

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