with Mr. Steve Smiley, G7 Expert Trainer, BrandQ Expert, ISO Expert, FTA Hall of Famer, Print, Packaging & Brand Expert.

Learn from Idealliance G7® Expert Trainer Steve Smiley, and industry leading print and color experts on why G7 is an essential tool for print production, including digital, in the webinar below. May’s training will be a deep-dive into leading print & packaging production strategiess based on G7, used by these experts and others around the world for complete print production alignment.

Color Management Professional® Fundamentals is also included free with G7 Training registration. This newly revised for 2023, optional prerequisite online, on-demand training and certification covers the fundamentals of color management necessary for any prospective G7 Expert to attain certification and start their journey as an industry-recognized, Idealliance-certified, G7 Expert supporting effective color management, color communication, process control, and workflow alignment across print, packaging & graphic communications. 


“G7 Experts are well rounded practitioners of color printing... The adoption of G7 (in our technology) has been a night to day difference .”

— John Thoburn, Canon

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Dates: May 22 – 26, 2023
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About the Trainer – Steve Smiley

Steve Smiley is a 40-year veteran from Print, Pre-Media and Packaging Brand Solutions. Working with numerous major consumer product companies, printers and suppliers he has developed tools to assure brand consistency throughout the world. SmileyColor & Associates LLC – a solutions provider working with CPCs and their supply chain providing process control audits to ISO standards aligning supply chain partners. Using G7 and PCC training along with ISO standards allow audits to assure consistent results globally. As a Brand Manager Steve has developed the tools for physical and digital standards to define common ingredients and aims across supply chain partners, along with supporting documents ISO 17972-4 CxF X4. Steve is the former Chair of Idealliance’s Print Properties and Colorimetric committee, Co-Chair of CGATS, Chair of GWG Colour Committee, US Expert to ISO WG2, WG3, WG4, WG11 and WG13; he is also an 10 year ICC member, Executive FQC Committee for the FTA, and an Advisory Board Member for Clemson University. He is the recipient of Idealliance’s Holzinger Award, FTA President Award, and the Clemson Top Cat Award.


G7® is the most sought-after certification in the world and is the driving force for achieving visual similarity across all print processes.

Some benefits of G7 include:

  • G7 works across multiple presses, plants, and locations
  • G7 means reprints will always look the same
  • G7 gives one consistent tool for color calibration regardless of device

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Certified professionals are listed in the Official Directory of Certified Color Management Professionals and are recognized around the world as trained & proficient on the latest industry standards and methodology for color management.

Participants include print & prepress technicians and managers, students, OEM technology providers, designers, print professionals and everyone who’s work relies on best practices for color management across graphic communications, print, packaging, and allied fields.

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    Contact Jordan Gorski, Executive Director, to explore G7 training & implementing G7 into your print production for visual consistency and optimized color print production. jgorski@idealliance.org | 703.837.1096

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