Includes the NEW, Expanded G7 Training, covering Digital Print (Toner & Inkjet), Flexo, Offset, Textile & Wide Format, along with the latest across color management, standards, process control, viewing conditions & lighting, and everything you need to become a globally recognized G7 Expert!

with Mr. Chuck Schonert, G7 Expert Trainer, Idealliance Director of Research & Development, & Print Production Expert.

Learn from Idealliance G7® Expert Trainer Chuck Schonert. August’s training will be a deep-dive into leading print & packaging production strategies, based on G7, used by color, print, packaging, and prepress experts around the world for complete print production alignment.


“G7 Experts are well rounded practitioners of color printing... The adoption of G7 (in our technology) has been a night to day difference .”

— John Thoburn, Canon

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Dates: August 21 – 25, 2023
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About the Trainer – Chuck Schonert

Chuck creates content for educational, information, and outreach platforms that serve the global graphic communications marketplace and acts as trainer, while also supporting Idealliance’s team of worldwide experts and trainers for ongoing educational programs. Chuck also guides development of best practices and standards domestically and globally through our community of working groups, industry groups, and ultimately ISO while maintaining the position of Idealliance’s Print Properties Committee as the preeminent global research and standard-development. Chuck has an extensive background in print production, print management, color management, and aligning this work across multiple print facilities, while also supporting new print technology testing & development, training, and implementation. Chuck has been incorporating G7 methodology in print production since 2007, and is an active member of the Print Properties Committee.


G7® is the most sought-after certification in the world and is the driving force for achieving visual similarity across all print processes.

Some benefits of G7 include:

  • G7 works across multiple presses, plants, and locations
  • G7 means reprints will always look the same
  • G7 gives one consistent tool for color calibration regardless of device

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Certified professionals are listed in the Official Directory of Certified Color Management Professionals and are recognized around the world as trained & proficient on the latest industry standards and methodology for color management.

Participants include print & prepress technicians and managers, students, OEM technology providers, designers, print professionals and everyone who’s work relies on best practices for color management across graphic communications, print, packaging, and allied fields.

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    Contact Jordan Gorski, Executive Director, to explore G7 training & implementing G7 into your print production for visual consistency and optimized color print production. jgorski@idealliance.org | 703.837.1096

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