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Idealliance Digest for November 2020

On podcasts and achieving goals, upcoming webinars, an announcement about a new program to foster diversity, the 2020 Circle of Excellence Award honorees, how to get better color in Adobe Creative Cloud, and more…

Idealliance Monthly Digest for November 2020 | News and Updates from the Print Industry Association

Message From the CEO

November 2020. On Podcasts and Goal Achievement

How many times have you had someone who works for you tell you about a great idea, and when they left your office, or ended the Zoom call, you were left scratching your head? My guess is the idea may have been good but was not even close to being relevant. Ideas like that have nothing to do with nothing, and therefore don’t fit into any kind of model that you use to run your business. Read More »

~ Dick Ryan, Acting CEO, Idealliance

Direct-to-can digital printing: Huge potential to disrupt the beverage packaging industry | GAMUT Live webinar from Idealliance Nov. 18, 2020


How Direct-To-Can Digital Printing Unlocks Sustainability & Personalized Marketing

In this webinar, Idealliance will sit down with Sebastien Baril, President of Solucan to discuss how innovative digital printing technology is helping beverage companies meet consumer demands for both sustainable and personalized brand experiences.

Date: November 18th
Time: 11:00 a.m. EST
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How Top-Quality Companies Manage New Print Embellishment Technology

Guest Expert Mark Geeves explores how top-quality printers manage consistent special effect embellishments for digital, offset, and flexo packaging applications with G7® calibration and Color-Logic™ System for metallic embellishments.
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Idealliance® Certifies 20 G7® Experts During ONLINE LIVE G7 Training Class

Idealliance® Certifies 20 G7® Experts During ONLINE LIVE G7 Training Class

“The training content has reinforced my knowledge of color and how it is controlled in a production environment. I can now confidently talk to associates, clients, and more about the different aspects of color and why one will see differences with different mediums and substrates and how, through G7 and GRACoL methodologies, these differences can be better controlled to achieve a shared appearance across all.”
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Idealliance Sponsors Scholarship with Historically Black College/University

Idealliance® Sponsors Scholarship With Historically Black College/University

Since the founding of Idealliance in 1966 a key ingredient of the Association has been to engage the diverse partners across the graphic communications supply chain to participate and collaborate for the betterment of the industry. To support the underrepresented in our industry Idealliance announces a two-year scholarship program with Virginia State University, a Historically Black College/University, located in Ettrick, Virginia.
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Idealliance Acknowledges Industry Achievement with 2020 Circle of Excellence Award Honorees

Idealliance® Acknowledges Industry Achievement with 2020 Circle of Excellence Award Honorees

Each year Idealliance recognizes professionals in the graphic communications industry for their innovation and advancement of the industry.
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Workflows that Enhance Efficiency and Communication

Idealliance understands that productivity and efficiency are at the center of an effective workflow. We have created standards-based, automatable processes, enabling every part of the print supply chain to change, grow, and prosper. Over many decades, as both disrupter and architect, Idealliance has reimagined future workflows, shaping the way our supply chain partners operate. This series explores the history of many of those workflow innovations.


In 1975, at the Association’s annual symposium, David G. Jensen, Senior Vice President, Manufacturing, McGraw-Hill Publications Company, laid down the gauntlet, stating that the lack of color quality and consistency were having a tremendous detrimental effect on the growth of the magazine industry and their printers.
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Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML)

SGML revolutionized print production workflows by combining typesetting with data processing for publishing sectors such as military, aerospace, automotive and law.
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Looking Back to Move Forward Series—G7 Then and Now

G7 Then and Now

Before 2006, many people like myself were frustrated by the time and effort required to match and maintain a repeatable color expectation. Our customers were frustrated, too: publishers, print buyers, designers, suppliers, print manufacturers, and brands.
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Recent GAMUT Podcast Episodes

GAMUT is focused on bringing the industry highly informative, technical leading practices and initiatives for the print and packaging supply chain. Learn more »


GAMUT Podcast by Idealliance Episode #71: How Pantone® Formula Guides are Made and How to Use Them
How Pantone® Formula Guides are Made and How to Use Them

GAMUT Podcast from Idealliance #72: In 2020, is Flexographic Printing the Superior Technology?
In 2020, is Flexographic Printing the Superior Technology?


How to get better color in Adobe Creative Cloud

Better Color in Adobe Creative Cloud

Rarely do we ever find print designers or prepress operators using current and optimized color settings for print in Adobe Creative Cloud applications like Photoshop and Indesign. Unfortunately, this error makes printing to universal print conditions like GRACOL 2013 CRPC6 problematic from the very start of the design-to-print process. The following is a key best practice to eliminate errors early in the process.
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Upcoming G7® Training

G7 is the industry-leading standard for near-neutral and visual uniformity across all print technology. Become a certified G7 Expert to support your supply chain.

  • Idealliance (Live, Online)
    November 16-20
    Led by G7 Expert David Hunter
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    Last day to register is November 13
  • Idealliance (Live, Online)
    December 14-18
    Led by G7 Expert Ron ellis
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    Last day to register is December 11



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