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A global technical podcast featuring guests from around the world, GAMUT is focused on bringing the industry highly informative, technical leading practices and initiatives on: brand management, measurable supply chain management programs, global print standards, design intent, measurement and evaluation, communicating across a global supply chain, proof-to-print alignment, workflow and process control standardization, color management and control, design thinking, hardware-instruments-tools and software advancing the industry, leading industry technical initiatives and stories of transformation from extraordinary minds within the print and packaging supply chain.

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Idealliance is a non-profit association serving the global supply chain for brands, print, and packaging, with 11 offices located around the world. We are the largest certifying body in the world for industry competencies, systems, materials, and facilities and one of the world’s leading contributor to ISO standards, as a Liaison “A” to the International Organization for Standardization.

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GAMUT Podcast 71 from Idealliance: Pantone Guides

How Pantone® Formula Guides are Made and How to Use Them

In this episode of the GAMUT Podcast from Idealliance, our guest Jason Campbell of X-Rite-PANTONE®, explores how they manufacture the Pantone Formula guides used by millions of designers and producers worldwide to help define, communicate and control color from inspiration to realization.

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