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In this episode of the GAMUT Podcast from Idealliance, Dr. Reem El Asaleh, an academic leader in graphic communication research, development, and education, talks about her diverse background and current work critical to the print and packaging industry. Dr. El Asaleh shares details on research projects covering Extended Color Gamut technology, ICC Max, artificial intelligence’s impact in print, and the Dimension’s Pilot program, an initiative to study equity and diversity, and inclusion in higher education.

Dr-Reem-El-AsalehDr. Reem El Asaleh, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor at Ryerson in the School of Graphic Communications Management. She gained her B.Sc. in Computer Science from United Arab Emirates University and Master and Ph.D. in Paper Engineering and Imaging Science from Western Michigan University. Dr. El Asaleh’s multidisciplinary knowledge was shown in her multiple research projects that elaborate on issues that concern the graphic arts industry. She is a Ryerson representative for the International Color Consortium (ICC), a global not-for-profit organization that deals with specifications and standardization to support Color Management Systems (CMS).

Dr. El Asaleh is currently working on a project for ICC to create an open-source conformance tool that would inspect the performance of newly constructed color device profiles using a new standard that the ICC is currently adapted. Other ongoing projects: Investigating Brand Color Reproduction using Expanded Gamut Technology with flexo printing, and investigating Advantage and limitations of Integrated Technologies in the Graphic Arts industry.

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