Flexo, gravure & offset print service provider achieves G7 Master Qualification, as the first in the region to serve global print buyers and for optimized print production & profitability.

As the G7® print methodology & certification program grows globally, new global markets are investing in this global standard for optimized print production, and at the same time to meet the demand of leading print buyers & brands. Emirates Printing Press, located in Dubai, UAE, recently became the first print service provider in the region to achieve G7 Master Qualification with the elite Colorspace compliance, to demonstrate the most stringent ability to met color & G7’s near-neutral alignment across multiple print technologies. 

“Emirates Printing Press being a leading printer in the region, constantly invests in latest technologies to enhance quality & process control, says Emirates Printing Press Operations Manager. “As part of continuous improvement and to achieve best print results, we decided to implement the G7 methodology with the support of Phoenix  Colour Technologies & Idealliance MENA.

With the support of Idealliance & its international affiliate office Idealliance MENA (Middle East North Africa) through training, certification, and global standards development, Emirates Printing Press implemented G7 across their entire print workflow, from design, prepress, ink-mixing and across their pressroom. This focus on standardization across gravure, flexo, offset, and digital printing allows Emirates to achieve color consistently, and accurately while also reducing make-ready waste, and press downtime. 

“With the training from Idealliance & Idealliance MENA, and the support of their G7 Experts, we were able to achieve a 95% colour match against our clients proofs and specified reference print conditions,” says EPP. “The work done by Idealliance MENA, provided an easy and straightforward implementation of this global standard with their in-depth training and support. We were also able to fine tune our existing processes and working procedures to overhaul the production strategy throughout our facility in less than 2 weeks.”

“As one of the middle-east region’s most reputed printers, G7 Master certification provides Emirates Printing Press global recognition as a leading print service provider, not only to stringent global print standards, but also as a leader capable of achieving the remarkable visual print alignment only achieved with the G7 near-neutral methodology,” adds Afsal Kottal, Managing Director, Idealliance MENA & G7 Expert.

Emirates Printing is also driving continuous improvement based on G7, with the support across their organization and print divisions to further improve quality, productivity, with the support of Idealliance MENA’s G7 Expert staff Afsal Kottal & Pramod Haridasan. 

For more information on G7 Master Qualification, and how G7 serves leading print buyers and print manufacturers visit www.idealliance.org/g7

Visit www.idealliance.org/g7training to sign up for virtual, or in-person Idealliance G7 Expert Training & Certification to become a leader in G7 print & color-management. 

Authors: Jordan Gorski, Executive Director, Idealliance & Afsal Kottal, Managing Director, Idealliance Middle East North Africa (MENA)
Images courtesy of Emirates Printing Press.

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