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Welcome to the NEW ColorPro® Newsletter – your premier source for color and print quality news, technology, updates, and other pertinent information across print, color management, standards, and certification across our industry. Produced bi-weekly by PRINTING United Alliance for  members and the global industry at large, the ColorPro Newsletter aims to connect users across the printing supply chain to inform, collaborate, and grow, just as Idealliance has done to open doors and bring together members of our industry to further establish a collaborative community of color professionals. Each issue contains content from the foremost names in the industry, from experts at the Alliance,  Idealliance, the Print Properties Committee, TAGA, and more.

Color and print quality is in the Alliance’s DNA. Its longstanding technical-oriented history has yielded globally recognized specifications, tools, and standards used across our industry, such as GRACoL, SWOP, G7, PQX & PRX, SCTV, targets across color characterization, production, and proof verification, expanded color gamut printing, and many others. 

Across the Alliance, there are a multitude of resources dedicated to color, including the industry-leading iLEARNING+ educational platform, the new PRINTING United Technical Event Series, bringing COLOR and TAGA under one roof; as well as varied programs utilized across our industry and referenced in industry standards, and globally-recognized certification for individuals, print service providers (PSPs), and technology. The ColorPro Newsletter is another powerful tool by the Alliance that industry professionals can add to their toolbox. 

To receive your copy, subscribe at https://www.printing.org/subscribe/newsletters/colorpro and access this & other great color and print quality information at https://www.printing.org/library/technical-excellence/color-and-print-quality. If you would like to contribute content, please contact Jordan Gorski: jgorski@idealliance.org.

Thank you for your continued support, and enjoy the new ColorPro Newsletter!

-Jordan Gorski
Executive Director, Idealliance

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