Hello Idealliance members, as Idealliance continues its mission to support the graphic communications industries and aligned industries, workforce development remains an important part of our work.

In the past month, Idealliance and CGATS again partnered to offer our ongoing joint CGATS/USTAG and Print Properties Committee (PPC) meeting. These aligned working groups, as the developer of so many current and future standards in our industry, continue to push our industry forward for the development of best practices and standards, published by ANSI and ISO, and relied on by users across printing, packaging, graphic design, and aligned workforces.

Idealliance is also excited to announce our work supporting the Mariano Rivera Foundation, along with other industry partners including Atlantic – Tomorrow’s Office, Konica Minolta, Ricoh, and EFI to provide Color Management Professional® training and certification, and other critical industry knowledge, to the newest segment of our workforce. Much like we do with Higher Education membership and sponsorship, our partnership with the Rivera Foundation will provide additional valuable education and career enhancement for the next generation of our workforce.

Idealliance is also excited to offer completely updated G7® training this month. With our next G7 training, beginning October 18th, the next generation of G7 Training including the latest in G7, color management, and process control has been expanded to cover a wider core of print applications including packaging, toner, inkjet, and large format digital printing, dye-sub, and more incorporating the latest print standards, solutions, and real-world tactics for leading color alignment, and consistency based on the G7 methodology. Working with our team of G7 Trainers spanning the industry, and based on additional industry input, training has been overhauled to reflect the latest for leading color management across print, creative, and prepress for full supply chain alignment, using the best practices defined by G7. This training will be available both live online, as well as live in-person as part of public and private G7 training events. 

Find a full schedule of upcoming G7 training at www.idealliance.org/g7training, or contact us to schedule private G7 training for your team. Much like G7 training was updated in 2019, to serve individuals seeking training during the global Covid-19 pandemic, G7 training continues to evolve as the leading training and certification for industry professionals who are charged with maintaining color throughout print and packaging. Current G7 Experts and Professionals are also invited to join upcoming training to continue to grow their knowledge with this expanded training as they maintain their globally recognized certification as Idealliance certified G7 Experts and G7 Professionals.

We are proud to work with so many of you around the world on this core mission to support and grow the graphic communications, printing, and packaging industry. 

Stay well,

Jordan Gorski
Executive Director

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