G7 Press Control Pricing And Application Form

The purpose of the G7 Press Control System certification program is to acknowledge systems that provide G7-specific tools t0 help printers identify whether or not their press control system is G7 compliant.

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The purpose of adding G7 metrics to a press control system is to allow the press operator to see in real time how close to the G7 targets the printing result is, and what ink adjustments are needed to maintain G7 compliance. Correct and successful utilization of the G7 calibration method delivers predictable, standardized gray balance and tonality, both visually and colorimetrically. Measuring the six G7 control patches (HR_cmy, HR_k, HC_cmy, HC_k, SC_cmy and SC_k) is often sufficient to monitor the G7 condition achieved by the G7 calibration method. On offset printing systems that rely on real-time ink adjustments to maintain print quality any deviation of the G7 control patches can be used to suggest ink adjustments that should move those patches back to their ideal G7 values, and therefore move the printing system back to its ideal “G7 appearance”.

Advance Testing of Your Press Control System

To determine your press control system’s ability to achieve certification in the G7 Press Control System Certification program, we have supplied sample measurement data representing average CIELAB measurements and control bar patch values of a simulated press sheet. To run a test of your press control system, follow the instructions in the “Trial Test Data” spreadsheet. DOWNLOAD SAMPLE TEST DATA [Note two tabs: Test Data AND Candidate Answers]

Submission fee per system

Member Non-Member
Each Submission $2,500 $3,000

Steps to apply for G7 Press Control Submission:

  1. Download Protocol to review system requirements and test procedures
  2. Submit Application (see below)
  3. Idealliance will invoice submitting company
  4. Idealliance will forward Submission Test Kit
  5. Applicant conducts self-assessment of the system monitored by an independent 3rd party test facility. (Contact RIT to schedule)
  6. Rochester Institute of Technology
    Printing Applications Laboratory
    Slaughter Building, Rm 1425
    66 Lomb Memorial Drive
    Rochester, NY 14623-5604
    Attn: G7 Press Control Program
    Jeffrey Wang
    Phone: 585-475-6878
  7. Applicant submits samples, measurements, and documentation to above address
  8. Upon confirmation of payment from Idealliance, the test facility evaluates applicant’s deliverables and certifies to Idealliance G7 Press Control Pass/Fail certification scheme.
  9. Certified systems are posted for public display on the Idealliance website.



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