G7 AI Master Calibration System Certification

The Idealliance G7 AI Master Calibration System certification program, certified digital press systems achieving the “shared near-neutral gray-scale” appearance using implementations other than adjusting the 1-D curves of C, M, and Y. These approaches could be utilizing ICC Profiles, ICC Device Link Profiles, or any other OEM proprietary algorithms to achieve the same results.

Please note, this system certification is no longer offered to new systems. Existing certified systems are noted below, which are still honored. Consult the respective vendor for details.

Idealliance® G7® AI Master Calibration System Certification program is designed for digital press manufacturers in fulfilling the need of a totally automated G7 Calibration solution for the printing industry. The recent advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), in-line color measurement devices, and cloud-based technology make possible the implementation of achieving the G7 calibrated condition as an integral part of the digital presses with full automation and without human intervention.

Idealliance certified G7 AI Master Calibration Systems require no need of human intervention nor any external tools. These systems are designed to empower the end-users, through automation to realize the extraordinary benefits of G7 Calibration, as it dramatically minimizes waste, significantly increases profitability and introduces one file, one separation, one calibration, for the entire print workflow to realize remarkable similar visual appearance and the ability to truly-PRINT ANYWHERE™…BRILLIANTLY. These certified systems do all of this automatically, at the fingertips of the end-user. The system is not only calibrating itself, but also monitoring output in real-time, on every press run.

Idealliance G7 AI Master Calibration Certified Systems

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