G7 AI Master Calibration System certification Application

The Idealliance G7 AI Master Calibration System Certification program certifies digital press systems achieving, at minimum, G7 Targeted Compliance, using a fully automated methodology with built-in components of automatic press maintenance, inline color measurement with a spectrophotometer and real-time data analysis of G7 test targets, press re-calibrating if the results from measurement data analysis failed the G7 tolerances, auto-submission of time/date stamped G7 Calibration results to the Idealliance 3rd party laboratory for the G7 Master Facility Qualification, no human intervention, and no external hardware and software tools needed for measurement, analysis, calibration, verification, and submission. These components are an integral part of the digital press system and function automatically when initiated by the end-user. Third-party solutions are not included in this certification program.

What This Means for End-Users with G7 AI Master Calibration System Certified Presses:

For print facilities equipped with a G7 AI Master Calibration System Certified press, the system generated electronic files of G7 results data are recognized and accepted by Idealliance as valid submission materials for the G7 Master Facility qualification program. The facility’s own G7 Experts/Professional or certified OEM G7 Expert can submit applications by following the G7 Master Facility Qualification submission procedures, rules, and fees. The presses that are capable of achieving this remarkable certification have a built-in, ready to be qualified-G7 Master Qualified press at the push of a button, without the need of sending in physical prints because the technology sends the conformance results directly from the press time/date-stamped and has no human intervention.

These presses are engineered for G7 Master Qualification, extraordinary process control which translates to impeccable quality assurance, repeatability, real-time print run measurements and quality assurance for the customer and those they serve. These G7 AI Master Calibration Certified presses have “engineered-out” quality non-conformance for color alignment to specifications like GRACoL® 2006 and 2013 tolerances, near-neutral aims, and overall consistency across multi-presses and locations. These systems have eliminated manual processes, product variation, and unnecessary downtime. They are capable of inspecting color for conformance to customer requirements, prohibiting production when print does not conform and applying appropriate calibration processes to re-align to color targets.

Facilities large and small with G7 AI Master Calibration Certified presses have the ability to share color quality conformance automatically to print buyers, brand owners, 3rd party auditors, quality assurance teams, without the need for physical inspection of press runs, physical contract proofs, no waiting for approvals, and expensive color corrections.


  Member Non-Member
Each Submission $5,000* $7,000*

*Plus onsite technical representative costs for witness session.

Silent submissions are subject to same pricing model as a full submission.


  • System certification is valid for the life of the system as long as nothing changes within the system. A change in the system includes different paper, ink, model number, version number or any other change within the certified system.
  • Full payment for fees noted above is required to process application (nonrefundable) and billed at receipt of application submitted below.
  • Fees cover certification submission with accompanying services. Onsite technical evaluation for system witness are additional.
  • Successful certifications are posted to the Idealliance global certification website and sent official certification form.

Downloads and Application

  • A system consists of the Digital Front End (DFE), processing system including web or AI smart systems, print engine, substrate, and inks.
  • Documentation for certified systems is provided and evaluated in terms of an Application Data Sheet (ADS).
  • Certification for a given configuration does not expire.
  • The G7 AI Master Calibration System Certification procedure is governed by Idealliance.
  • Implementation and submissions are via Idealliance & the Rochester Institute of Technology PAL.
  • The certification process certifies that a system has been shown to be capable of meeting specific print standards, however this does not guarantee that in a given customer location the same system will always produce work to the certified tolerances.

Steps to Apply

  1. Download and Review the G7 AI Master Calibration System Certification Program Description.
  2. Download and complete the G7 AI Master Calibration System Application Data Sheet (ADS).
  3. Prepare the System Requirements and Prepare for Evaluation.
  4. Complete the Application Form Below.
    1. Once the application has been submitted, and fees have been received, evaluation and certification will be finalized.

One device per submission.



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