IDEALLIANCE Digest for October 2020

Training during a pandemic; a new, remote normal for press checks; recent GAMUT podcasts; a new monthly live webcast series starting on October 28; and more.

Message From the CEO

October 2020. Training During a Pandemic—Online or In-Person?

At the end of the day, at Idealliance, we will listen to our partners around the world, and closely align ourselves with the data, to make the best choices when it comes to providing you with access to our great training programs—whether it be online only, all in-person, or a blended approach. Read More »

~ Dick Ryan, Acting CEO, Idealliance

BrandQ® Webinar—A New, REMOTE, Normal for Press Checks

Ron Ellis and Andy Bullock teamed up to deliver an insightful webinar that provides brands, creatives, and print buyers with guidance on how to deal with COVID-19 safety precautions that make it almost impossible for team members to be able to go to press runs to approve print projects. It turns out that what seems like a bad thing actually presents a unique opportunity to learn a new way to work from a distance and gain even more control over the way your brand prints. Watch Replay »

The GAMUT Live Webinar from Idealliance

NEW—The GAMUT Live Webinar

An Idealliance webinar featuring a “gamut” of speakers and topics important to the print and packaging supply chain

In the first of a new monthly series, Idealliance will sit down with Mark Geeves of Color-Logic and discuss the advantages in the inkjet print embellishments market that are revolutionizing brands and creatives’ capabilities.

  • Date: October 28th
  • Time: 11:00 a.m. EST

Learn more and Register »

Two Key Initiatives: Extended Color Gamut Printing and Print-Wide both involve developing specifications, processes, targets, and characterization datasets.

October Update from the Print Properties Committee

“Wider is better” could describe this month’s review of two key initiatives underway in IDEALLIANCE’s Print Properties Committee (PPC): Extended Color Gamut Printing and Print-Wide. Read More »

Meet a Member of Our Team

Amye King is a digital guru with expertise in search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO), and social media advertising. She also has considerable experience in email marketing and email automation. She joined our team in August of this year. Read More »

World’s First Idealliance G7® AI Master Calibration Certified System from HP Indigo Achieves G7® Master Facility Qualification at New London

World’s First Idealliance G7® AI Master Calibration Certified System from HP Indigo Achieves G7 Master Facility Qualification at New London

Idealliance is pleased to announce that New London, a commercial printing and marketing solutions company based in Alpharetta, GA, is the first to obtain G7 Master Facility Qualification using HP Indigo’s G7 AI Master Calibration Certified System. Using HP PrintOS® Color Beat powered HP Indigo, New London flawlessly achieved G7 Master Facility Qualification requirements in minutes vs. hours or days. This achievement is a leap forward in modern AI and Industry 4.0 aligned solutions. Read More »

Part III: The G7 Years Today’s users want a printing standard to define the ‘appearance’ of the final image more precisely than is guaranteed with ISO 12647-2 which is based on TVI/dot gain. G7 was developed to rectify that short coming.

Seeking a Visual Match

In 2003, a group of advertising agencies and magazine publishers employed a color scientist, Don Hutcheson, to run a series of experiments to determine how a visual color match could be assured. Since all parties were in New York City, the project was called the “Manhattan Project.” Results of the project were shared across the printing community and interest grew. When the Manhattan Project came to the attention of Idealliance, participants were invited to continue their work as part of the GRACoL Committee. With this merger, G7® was born. Read More »

International Affiliate Spotlight Europe

International Affiliate Spotlight—Idealliance Europe

Idealliance Europe is one of 10 international Idealliance affiliates, focused on providing an open environment driven by members that can strategize, innovate, standardize and implement solutions to the challenges present to the graphic communications community in Europe. Learn More »

Recent GAMUT Podcast Episodes

GAMUT is focused on bringing the industry highly informative, technical leading practices and initiatives for the print and packaging supply chain. Learn more »

Discovering the Future of Color – Part One | GAMUT Podcast by Idealliance
Discovering the Future of Color—Part One

Discovering the Future of Color – Part One | GAMUT Podcast by Idealliance
Discovering the Future of Color—Part Two

Upcoming G7® Training

G7 is the industry-leading standard for near-neutral and visual uniformity across all print technology. Become a certified G7 Expert to support your supply chain.

  • Idealliance Europe (Live, Online)
    October 12-16
    Led by G7 Expert Ron Ellis
    Learn More »
  • Idealliance (Live, Online)
    October 26-30
    Led by G7 Expert Steve Smiley
    Register Here »
    Last day to register is October 21



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