Idealliance is excited to announce that the new PQX® Expert certification course is now available!

Developed by industry experts, this training will help you effectively implement and manage PQX based reporting and communication for complete supply chain and production alignment (according to ISO 10246-2:2020).

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Upon successful completion of training and the certification exam, certification is good for two years.

PQX Experts are also displayed within the official Idealliance online PQX Expert Certification directory.

Your registration includes optional access to PQX Report Writer, a plugin for MS Word that will allow you to view sample PQX print quality reports, prepare your own print quality reports, and generate PQX reports in both a PDF and XML format. This software is available to each participant throughout the training period. (Please note that MS Office for Apple Mac is not currently supported.) 

“One of the exciting things about this course is not only learning about the details of PQX, but actually having the experience of creating your own print quality report that you can export ISO standard XML, and you can send a PDF similar to how you do it today.”

— Dianne Kennedy, PQX® Expert Course Instructor

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