Longterm Process Streamlining G7® Case Study

The Standard Group | G7® Case Study

An award-winning printing, marketing, and logistics company, The Standard Group has used G7 for many years, relying on its clearly defined process to drive greater consistency, faster make ready, and lower cost.

In Central Pennsylvania, The Standard Group has secured a lasting reputation for quality and reliability. The company is a regional provider of print marketing and logistics for enterprise marketers and agencies. It is also a full commercial printer offering managed collateral, packaging, signage, promotions, variable data, and mailing/fulfillment services.

3X Less Make Ready

“If we didn’t use G7 to run target densities and gray balance, it would triple our make ready time.”

— Scott Reighard, Former COO, The Standard Group

The Standard Group is no stranger to color quality management. It was asked to create the color standards for a Fortune 1000 manufacturer—distributing profiles and guidelines to its partners and printers worldwide. With all its clients, The Standard Group enjoys the reputation of being one of the best quality printers in the country, not only printing their materials but also helping clients manage their colors and their brand.

The company was an early adopter and advocate for the GRACoL color specification for sheetfed offset printing, and of the G7 methodology for grayscale calibration across multiple devices—including both offset and digital presses.

“The ability for us to achieve quality and consistency of process (CMYK) print color across multiple devices and facilities with G7 is absolutely essential to our business,” said The Standard Group’s CMO Thanh Nguyen. “Customers’ appetite for print has changed to shorter runs and greater frequencies. Because our facility equipment is calibrated through G7, we can combine offset with digital and personalization, giving us the greatest flexibility and more cost-effective results for our customers.”

G7 dramatically reduces client complaints related to color

“Rework due to color variations is less than one-half of one percent. We’ve been using G7 for over 10 years. To go back to the traditional way would be like asking us to run 4 color process jobs one color at a time.”

— Scott Reighard, Former COO, The Standard Group

Reighard credits G7 with The Standard Group’s dramatically faster make ready times. “G7 has taught us that if you manage the input variable and the process itself, you can achieve a consistent outcome,” he said. “Because of G7, we have a process that drives greater consistency, faster make ready and lower cost. If we didn’t use G7 to run target densities and gray balance, it would triple our make ready time.”

The business value of consistent color is clear, including higher price points and client loyalty. “Our clients are willing to pay more for our printed product, knowing that we follow G7 methodology,” Nguyen said. “Because of our ability to achieve a higher print quality and consistency, we were able to retain more business and achieve greater loyalty. One of our customers changed advertising agencies three times and fulfillment vendors twice, but stayed with us as a print partner because of our color management and print expertise.”

Reighard noted that their use of G7 calibration has made their overall operations more efficient, requiring greater process consistency by Standard Group employees. It has also allowed the company to streamline the material supply chain and maintain a level of sourcing consistency.

Team morale has also benefitted. “The G7 methodology has provided greater employee pride in the quality of work we produce,” Reighard said. “It also helps break down barriers and to unify the press and prepress team. Now they have a joint, measurable goal. One can’t have success without the other.”

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