Idealliance and the Print Properties Committee announce the release of new large aperture device targets.

Specifically designed for the needs associated with the direct to garment industry and the specialized industrial printing sector, that requires imaging on unconventional surfaces, the larger charts can accommodate a spectrophotometer that has a larger aperture. This specific spectrophotometer is designed in this manner to capture and average larger areas of data needed to effectively calibrate a device. A larger area measured with a larger aperture will obtain superior averaging of data which equates to more accurate color.

The IT8.7/5-LAD Target will enable color experts to create an ICC profile on material and surfaces with a greater deal of accuracy. Download the IT8.7/5 LAD target here.

For process control, the Idealliance ISO 12647-7 3-row control wedge also comes in an LAD format. This will enable the user to monitor consistency of a device to a higher degree after initial characterization and calibration. Download the ISO 12647-7: 2013 3 Row Control wedge here.

G7® Experts and Professionals will have access to the newly created P2P51H-LAD chart. This will enable the user to utilize their current working knowledge of a standard P2P target, now being able to achieve a common visual appearance on textiles, fabrics and specialty substrates with texture. The LAD version of the G7-verifier was designed when space on a substrate is at a premium. This will allow personnel to calibrate, re-calibrate, with minimal space.

This initiative is in part to contributions from Chromix & X-Rite, along with the members of the Print Properties Committee. Become a member of Idealliance & join the Print Properties Committee to shape our industry.

Standard format measurement device test charts and control wedges can be found here. 

Author: Chuck Schonert – Director of Research & Development, Idealliance 

Download the Latest Specifications, Standards & Tools developed by Idealliance Working Groups at www.idealliance.org/specifications & www.gracol.org.

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