As Idealliance’s global office, Idealliance Southeast Asia & Korea is in charge of education, training and certification in Southeast Asia, Korea and Japan. Idealliance Korea was established in 2010 to provide Idealliance’s global programs to the Korean market. In 2018, Idealliance Korea changed its name to Idealliance Southeast Asia & Korea and expanded its service area to Southeast Asia including Korea and Japan.

Idealliance Southeast Asia and Korea

For the past 12 years, Idealliance Southeast Asia & Korea has been conducting knowledge sharing seminars, conferences, trainings and certifications programs for local printers, publishers, designers and brand owners. It offers a broader range of services and carries out various activities and events that can contribute to the development and education of standards and specifications related to graphics communication industries.

Idealliance Southeast Asia & Korea is also driving the next generation of technological innovation with G7®, which has a tangible impact on the printing and packaging industry. More than 300 G7 Professionals and Experts have been trained and certified in Southeast Asia and Korea regions and they are contributing to establish a key technical standard that can benefit their businesses and the marketplace in general. More than 150 printing companies and also government-owned facilities have been certified as G7 Master companies to prove their excellent printing skills and quality control.

Idealliance Southeast Asia and Korea

Many global brands involved in the electronics, entertainment, food and beverage, daily necessities and apparel industries encourage their printing partners to be G7 Master certified to ensure consistent print quality and lower production costs. In addition, G7 Master certification is essential for printing companies that print textbooks in Korea, and all prints produced by the Korea Armed Forces Printing Depot are printed using the G7 method. In other words, G7 is very well known as a symbol of quality assurance methodology in Southeast Asia and Korea, as in other regions.

Idealliance Southeast Asia and Korea

The Color Management Professional® (CMP) and BrandQ® programs are also well known in Southeast Asia and Korea, and many students, designers, printers and brand owners have been trained. As such, the major Idealliance education programs have changed the markets and industries in Southeast Asia and Korea and are having a positive impact on the growth and development of the graphic communication industries.

Idealliance Southeast Asia and Korea

Idealliance Southeast Asia and South Korea’s primary goal is to enrich the life of organizations and individuals through knowledge sharing and education, and to create exceptional efficiency, production excellence and work value in all aspects of the supply chain. It is also about providing leading practices, guidelines, specifications, standards, tools and methods to help people succeed. It will continue to grown and improve, create leaders, inspire people to action, and develop projects on new and current industry topics.

Idealliance G7® Color Management Expert Training
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