Idealliance Advisory Group is retained to find a company that is focused on the pressure sensitive label market.

Alexandria, VA. (Mar. 6, 2017)?Idealliance, the communications industry association representing all facets of the global omnichannel media value chain, has been retained by a client located in the Midwest Region of the United States to acquire a company that is focused on the pressure sensitive label market and ideally has revenues in the range of $3mm and $20 million. The client is a privately-held company supplying innovative solutions to customers nationwide. At a minimum, the client would want a strong operational management team that could continue on in that capacity after the acquisition.

The client represented by Idealliance is financially sound, well capitalized, and invests continuously in people, processes and technology. The client offers a complete line of quality specialty printed items. Its broad selection of products reaches almost any business or industry.

For more information about this outstanding opportunity, interested parties are invited to contact Ideadvisors Business Advisory Group Partner Tom Cobery at (703) 837-1095 or tcobery@idealliance.org.

About Ideadvisors

Ideadvisors, the Idealliance Business Advisory Group, provides a wide variety of business advisory services in critical areas of graphic communications management, from mergers and acquisitions to sales, operations, and finance. Its M&A specialists offer company executives trusted advisors who help them build long-term shareholder value through strategic mergers and acquisitions. Advisory services include helping companies with the strategic sale or acquisition of a business, acquisition of general intangibles, and post-merger integration services. The expertise and offerings of the Ideadvisors group comprise many business services, each specifically designed to fit a company’s size, issues, and needs. For information, contact Ideadvisors Partner, Tom Cobery at (703) 837-1095 or tcobery@idealliance.org.

About Idealliance

Idealliance is a not-for-profit member association representing a unique convergence of printers, mailers, marketers, brand owners, agencies, publishers, fulfillment services, material suppliers, and technology providers. The association provides an open and cross-industry platform for motivated professionals to come together to create a more competitive, compelling, and innovative graphic and visual communications industry. It capitalizes on its integrated capabilities to advance proven technical and management best practices; deliver best-in-class research, education, and certification; and serve as a united industry advocate. Idealliance is headquartered at 1800 Diagonal Road, Suite 320, Alexandria, Va., 22314. For more information, visit www.idealliance.org or call (703) 837-1070.

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