Idealliance announces certification of the Viewsonic VP2786-4k as a Soft Proof Certified Display.

The new ViewSonic ColorPro monitor is certified by Idealliance, through its extensive independent, third-party verification, as a soft proofing display, software, capable of displaying an image simulating the appearance of a hard copy proof calibrated to a chosen reference print characterization and viewed under standard lighting. Through this program, soft proofing systems are evaluated based on requirements specified in ISO 14861. Displays are evaluated based on requirements specified in ISO 12646.

Recognition by the graphic communications and print industry as a class leading soft-proof monitor with Idealliance certification mean the VP2786-4K has been verified by the most credible global organizations in the printing industry. So any photograph or design you produce on it will achieve the absolute highest quality match between what is displayed on the monitor and the final printed piece – absolutely accurate and consistent with your vision.

The VP2786-4k also delivers stunning color reproduction that, with minimal measured color variation, ensures colors across videos, photos, and even soft proofing are true-to-life and nearly indistinguishable from the color seen by the naked eye.

Learn more about the Viewsonic ColorPro VP2786-4k and other certified Soft Proofing Displays & Systems here.  Idealliance also maintains an Application Data Sheet (ADS) for all certified systems to support users with learning how these systems meet their requirements for accurate color representation and soft proofing in their creative, design, and print workflows.

Author: Jordan Gorski, Executive Director, Idealliance
Images courtesy of Viewsonic

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