Fujifilm achieves both Idealliance System Certifications for the JPress 750S / Jet Press 750S, the second of only two systems globally to achieve this certification, both by Fujifilm

  Alexandria, VA (August 13, 2019) – Idealliance has awarded Digital Press Inkjet System Certification and ISO/PAS 15339 System Certification to the Fujifilm JPress 750S / Jet Press 750S to demonstrate the system’s premier capabilities in both print production and color reproduction according to globally recognized standards in printing and packaging. Through the most intensive evaluation of a print engine and digital front end available for systems in printing and packaging, Fujifilm raised the bar earning Master Elite status, capable of achieving all seven of the globally recognized ISO/PAS 15339 Reference Print Conditions. Surpassing both the strict digital print production system requirements, as well as the ISO/PAS 15339 colorimetric requirements serves as the industry benchmark in quality, reliability, and repeatability across all aspects of digital printing. “As only the second device to achieve both certification status’, Fujifilm continues to raise the bar for the digital print and packaging market. Successful completion of both programs is a proven demonstration of the JPress / Jet Press to achieve both the highest levels of print production, and colorimetric reproduction for all digital print technologies. This is the second JPress / Jet Press to achieve this designation and as only the second globally by any OEM to do so, puts Fujifilm into a category of its own for print service providers looking to meet the most stringent demands set by print buyers and brands in printing, packaging, and graphic communications,” says Jordan Gorski Vice President of Global Certification Programs. The ISO/PAS 15339 System Certification by Idealliance certifies the capabilities of commercial digital press devices to meet the color space requirements specified by the Characterized Reference Print Conditions (CRPCs). ISO/PAS 15339 describes seven CRPCs, all of which have been created using G7® methodology to align the global print and packaging supply chains. G7 aligns Print Anywhere™, with one calibration, one separation, one file, and one aim point as the industry leading set of specifications for achieving near-neutral gray balance across all print technology. For more information on Idealliance’s certified systems visit idealliance.org/systems, or contact Jordan Gorski, Vice President of Global Certifications at +1 (703) 837-1096 or jgorski@idealliance.org.  


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