Multi-location G7 Master Qualification leverages technology & people to continue to maintain position as leading print provider.

Recently, G7 Master Qualified Printer – Mittera Group was featured by Printing Impressions, showcasing their ability to leverage people, technology, and partnerships to achieve a leading level of quality to drive business and transform into a printing powerhouse. With three locations qualified as a G7 Master Facilities, Mittera Group has leveraged its investment in people and production to continue to push the envelope.

To help stay on top of its game in all those markets it serves, Mittera became one of just two commercial printers worldwide to have a uniquely configured, eight-color 41″ Koenig & Bauer Rapida 105 PRO sheetfed offset press with a corona treatment tower and two coaters. Installed at its Ronkonkoma, New York, location which has been G7 Master Qualified since 2009, the Rapida handles sheets up to 29×41″, prints eight colors UV, and the two coaters can be used for either aqueous or UV coatings, or flexographic inks. It runs from 3-pt. to 48-pt. stock at speeds up to 17,000 sph. With an ability to hit highly accurate color, demonstrated by G7 Master – Colorspace compliance, the highest level of print conformance for print facilities, across print production and proofing Mittera Ronkonkoma leverages technology across its production to deliver products to its customers with the most concerning eye for color quality and brand color, while also maximizing efficiency and providing an ability to align production across its press floor.

This is especially important because Mittera prides itself on the high-quality work it produces for every customer across all segments of print. Being able to maintain those standards, while speeding up the operation was a huge consideration when choosing the press. “With faster makereadies and higher speeds, we can produce more high-quality output in less time, which allows us to meet the growing demands of our clients without sacrificing quality,” Bill Douglas, GM at Mittera Group shared.

Strategic decisions have allowed Mitera to harness its ability to diversity and upgrade while assessing partnerships and new lines of business. Continued growth on the horizon is a factor of Miterra’s ability to stay nimble and focus on new opportunities, “We continue to see the commitment and dedication of our long-standing employees as they invest their time and learned talents into the new generation of leaders. It has been critical for us to provide proper training programs and career paths to enhance and uplift this culture. Without it, we would not have been able to experience the growth we have over the years,” Douglas admits. Having G7 Expert’s in-house, allows the Ronkonkoma, and other Mittera production facilities, to drive color quality from job to job, press to press, for all of their clients across these G7 Master Qualified facilities.

“Our success is not accidental, but rather the result of having a great foundation that’s built on being responsive to change,” Douglas explains. “As our industry continues to evolve, our leadership teams are actively involved with our clients and have a great presence at our physical locations. They take the time to understand our business challenges and continue to listen to our front lines by investing in critical infrastructure to help us remain competitive and optimize our daily workflows.”

“It’s important to keep moving forward in any industry, as staying the same means going backwards,” he concludes.

Read the full article by Toni McQuilken at Printing Impressions.

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Mittera Group Ronkonkoma, NY – G7 Master Qualified – Colorspace compliance since 2009. G7 Experts: Michael Clark, President, Ms. Laura Turbush, Prepress Manager

Mittera Group Atlanta, GA – G7 Master Qualified – Targeted compliance since 2017. G7 Expert: Mr. Shane Hensley, Color Manager

Mittera Group Denver, CO – G7 Master Qualified – Grayscale compliance since 2011.

Mittera Group, Berkeley, IL – G7 Master Qualified Targeted compliance since 2020.

Images courtesy of Mittera Group.

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