Why do I participate in the Print Properties Committee?

Sun Chemical allows me to participate in this committee because it is a committee focused on developing best practices and on incorporating the state-of-the-art in color reproduction technologies. It has been a long term goal of myself and my team to help the reproduction industry by contributing to this goal by putting this technology into the materials that we provide to the printing industry to add color, appearance and value to the documents and packaging that they print.

Why should someone in the graphic arts participate in the Print Properties Committee?

The reproduction of information by graphic means was an early application of the industrial revolution. It developed from hand drawn images and text into hand carved letters for block printing to various methods of image transfer and tone reproduction throughout the past five centuries. Now, the technology has advanced to the point where the result of a printing can be predicted given enough information about the transfer system (press), the substrate (paper or film) and the inks and coatings. An efficient print shop needs to understand and apply the technologies listed here to turn graphic reproduction from an art into engineering.

About the Print Properties Committee

The Idealliance Print Properties Committee (PPC) is a diverse group of leading color scientists and developers, manufacturers, printer service providers and end users that for forty years have been defining color standards and workflows for print & packaging media. They work on initiatives to help better the graphic communications industry.

Idealliance members are welcome to join by emailing membership@idealliance.org.

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