Wide/Grand Format Certification

The Idealliance Wide/Grand Format Inkjet System Certification Program evaluates original equipment manufacturers’ roll-fed and flatbed large format printing systems for printing, production, and application qualities for a specific ink and media combination. Results of the program informs prospective and current users of large format technologies on which system best meets their production and market needs, as well as how to achieve consistent quality from their printing systems.

Submissions are evaluated for:

Color accuracy All patches of IT8.7/4 has an average DeltaE00 of 3.0 or less, 90 percentile of the patches has an average DelatE00 of 3.0 or less
Color gamut System color gamut is compared with CRPC7: Universal Extra Large Gamut. No pass or fail. Only gamut comparison in plots.
Uniformity Idealliance ISO 12647-7, 3-Row Digital Control Wedge 2013 printed at nine different locations has the maximum DeltaE00 of 3.0 or less.
Repeatability Idealliance ISO 12647-7, 3-Row Digital Control Wedge 2013 printed at three different time lapses has the maximum Delta E00 of 3.0 or less
Registration The distance of two hairlines of registration marks is 0.1mm or less.
Lightfastness Process colors exposed after 160 hours following ASTM D3424 Standard Practice for Evaluating the Relative Lightfastness and Weatherability of Printed Matter, compared to unexposed colors has DeltaE00 of 5.0 or less.
Print speed Actual print speed and print speed listed in specification sheet are within ±5% of difference
Ink consumption Actual ink consumption vs. UI/engine/RIP ink consumption information are within ±10% of difference.

Certified Systems:

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