The XML PROSE specification is intended to provide a standardized format for Publishers to communicate job specifications to their Printer/Binder. This specification enforces certain formats for its data, but the specification does not define data values except in certain instances where simple codes are used to represent commonly used data values. These exceptions are defined by enumerations of the attributes and are limited to those enumerations. The PROSE Specification resides in an XML schema and accompanying Implementation Guide. Both can be downloaded by clicking on the Spec Downloads tab.



The PROSE XML Schema is a digital specification for the PROSE message. It is important to note that while strict enforcement of datatypes is often implemented with an XML schema, for XML PROSE, a design decision has been made that the responsibility for enforcing datatypes will be with the scope of receiving systems and not to be enforced in the XML PROSE XSD itself. For example, the string length for a PublicationName element has a recommended maximum of 64 characters. This restriction is not enforced by the XML PROSE XSD, but rather is to be enforced by systems receiving the XML PROSE message.


PROSE XML Implementation Guide

The PROSE XML Implementation Guide describes the standardized usage of the XML PROSE specification that has been outlined by the industry group that created the specification. This standardized implementation was determined by looking at number of Publisher and Printer/Binder requirements for the communication of information to external entities such as List Processors and the US Postal Servic

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