Brands wish to track the print quality of their suppliers. But today they find it difficult and expensive because printers use different measurement tools and send print quality reports to the brand in a wide variety of formats. Brands cannot directly use today’s variable data in their quality tracking systems. The Idealliance Print Quality eXchange Message (PQX) solves this problem by providing a standard message format.

Terms of Reference

PQX is intended to facilitate the one-way transmission of performance data for one or more printed samples from a single press run between print service providers to relevant stakeholders and brand owners; thus allowing brand owners to assess and track relevant business, production, color and quality data of printed materials of all forms. PQX is only intended to transmit raw quality data. The PQX message intentionally excludes tolerance and evaluative information, allowing the receiver to determine acceptability by applying their own scale and tolerance values. PQX incorporates color using the same data containers that are defined in ISO 17972 (CxF). While PQX and CxF are different formats with different parsing requirements, developers can use the same strategies for reading and writing color data in a PQX file that they use for reading and writing color data in a CxF file.  PQX is compatible with both spectral and non-spectral color data.

Paper:  How PQX was Developed

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Public Draft for Comment

The Public Draft of PQX V1.0 has been posted for comment.  Comments will be accepted through July 29, 2016.
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