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Free E-Book on paper handling best practices

Idealliance along with 30+ global cross-industry organizations– from every part of the paper supply chain–developed this valuable resource. Idealliance is pleased to make available a free e-book, Optimised Paper Handling & Logistics, which is the product of an international cross-industry collaboration. Idealliance sponsored the project and served as one of more than 30 organizations participating in the book’s development. The 270-page guide has a cover price of $250, but is being made available as a free download to provide the widest and easiest distribution possible. READ MORE

# in Series Presentation PDF Slides Video Presentation
Verso Duluth Mill and Quad Graphics Lomira OD Pairs Working Group
Download Documentation: “Inspection sheet patterns II” is the back side of the inspection sheet (40 roll pattern PDF.) (March 2016)
Slides Play Download
(52 MGs)
10 Variables That Affect the Tightness of the Load: 2nd O/D Pair Project / RR Donnelley – Danville, KY / Resolute – Catawba, SC (February 2016) Slides Play Download
(89 MGs)
9 CXS & Resolute Catawba: Reducing Rail Freight Damage with Loading Patterns and Securement (December 2015) Slides Play Download
(57 MGs)
8 OD Pair Webinar Presentation
Quad Graphics, Resolute Forest Products, Star Distribution, Coyote Logistics (September 2015)
Slides Play Download
(74 MGs)
7 Transit Damage: Hearst Enterprises & Conde Nast (August 2015) Slides Play Download
(74 MGs)
6 Verso Corporation: Transit Damage Prevention (July 2015) Slides Play Download
(74 MGs)
5 Introduction to Catalyst Paper (June 2015) Slides Play Download
(69 MGs)
4 Repairing Cores   Play Download
(10 MGs)
3 Stripping Off Transit Damage   Play Download
(119 MGs)
2 Web Movement: Transit Damage On Press   Play Download
(11 MGs)
1 Transit Damage Caused Web Break   Play Download
(80 MGs)
# in Series Presentation PDF Slides Video
4 Rail Car Inspections: Specific Components of the Rail Car and Energy Management   Play  Download
(14 MGs)
3 Correctly Identifying Transit & Handling Damage: A Dictionary of Damage Types and Probable Causes PDF    
2 Evaluating Rail Cars Upon Arrival: Telling the Big Story PDF    
1 Evaluating Rail Cars Upon Arrival PDF Play Download
(24 MGs)
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