Address Data Interchange Specification

The Idealliance ADIS Working Group aims to define a uniform specification for the domestic and international interchange of address data. It is based on storing the parts of an address, or address elements, and then combining them together using standardized templates to create output formats, or renditions, for particular mailpieces. It includes data about the addresses, such as whether they are complete or missing particular elements that affect address quality, and in general, any mail production variables that may appear on a mailpiece.

Included in ADIS 08-1 are the following features

  • Support for the USPS Intelligent Mail Barcode
  • Support for Mail.dat XML PDR Option
  • Advanced Address Quality Using Secure Hash Algorithms
  • Mail Validation in the Context of USPS Seamless Acceptance
  • Supports UPU S42 Standard &lquo;International Postal Address Components and Templates&rquo;
  • Simpler File Generation and Reduced Footprint

ADIS 08-1 is published in an XML format designed for collecting and transmitting postal name and address data. The XML format is defined in ADIS 08-1 as a set of W3C XML Schemas, with full format and compact format options for name and address data. There is also a partial flat file design presented as documentation. ADIS 08-1 supports optional binary or delimited blocks of data to allow for efficient transmission of large data sets. ADIS 08-1 shares 24 common fields with Idealliance’s Mail.dat standard and can be used in conjunction with Mail.dat for communicating piece oriented data.


The ADIS Specification is made up of two compressed files. The first contains the ADIS XML schema. The second is the documentation for ADIS.


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