Presented by:

  • Ron Ellis, Ron Ellis Consulting, and Chair of Idealliance Print Properties Committee
  • Raymond Cheydleur, X-Rite
  • Steve Smiley, Smiley Color
  • Danny Rich, Sun Chemical
  • Peter Pretzer, Fujifilm
  • Mark Bohan, Konica Minolta

Hosted by Mike Grady, Idealliance Vice President of Global Partnerships

This webinar replay is a Q&A Discussion and open forum. The basis for the discussion is a 30-minute on-demand webinar released several weeks prior to the live Q&A on the following topics. (See replay of live Q&A below, and on-demand pre-recorded webinar below that.)

REPLAY of Live Q&A

  1. A new wide gamut color space. The past few months were spent in final testing, and users reported good results. This color space can be used an input profile for print, a translation space for image transformation, as well as a saturation booster. Adopters such as those using digital print, wide format print, and wide gamut print spaces will find it easy to use and be able to maintain the full gamut of their devices while keeping G7 characteristics.
  2. Revisions to the Idealliance ECG (Expanded Color Gamut) kit. The ECG kit is designed for use with 7 color printing. The new kit will have ECG chart subsets, complete test forms and test elements, SCTV ramps, and revised instructions. The revised kit will be issued at the end of December. Our second part of the project, which is to create a 7-color characterization and print condition is currently under way.
  3. Update to our “Dealing with metamerism failure” kit. This kit contains the key to working with OBA, lighting and press to proof match, and will be updated in December.
  4. Possible solutions to a long-reported issue with profiles not working on substrates with high levels of OBAs.
  5. Production verification for digital print. This project deals with tolerances for live production and will be discussed at our December meeting.
  6. And get in the know on projects in early stages such as spot colors, using CRPC’s with RIPs, and a research study on the use of G7 and CMS together.

Improving & Unlocking Color in 2021: 6 New Developments in Less than 30 Minutes (On-Demand Webinar)

Presented by Ron Ellis, Chair of Idealliance Print Properties Committee

Take less than 30 minutes to get an update on the color management developments around the corner that will impact your workflows in 2021 for brands and print buyers, print services providers, and manufacturers and technology partners. Our focus is what you will need to know for 2021 with an update on other leading edge developments for you in the next 18 months.

On-demand Webinar

Watch this webinar to learn what we are working on, and how you can put these ideas and initiatives into action.

About the Print Properties Committee (PPC)

The Print Properties Committee (PPC) is a diverse group of leading color scientists and developers, manufacturers, printer service providers and end users that for forty years have been defining color standards and workflows. What is on the horizon that you should be aware of and planning for in 2021?

The Idealliance Print Properties Committee works on initiatives to help better the graphic communications industry. The Committee has been at the core of key developments in color with an alphabet soup defining how you print today—and tomorrow:

  • GRACoL® 2013
  • SCTV
  • ECG 7 Color targets
  • and many other tools widely used across the industry.

How to Join

Membership on the PPC Working group is open only to Idealliance members. (Join Idealliance here.) Join the PPC by emailing your request to join to ppc@idealliance.org.

The monthly GAMUT Webinar has a focus on how technology can be used today to enhance customer satisfaction in your business. It is one of many membership programs and services Idealliance offers to help you stay ahead of technology developments.

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