Join us for the first GAMUT webinar October 28th at 11:00 a.m. EST

How Top-Quality Companies Manage New Print Embellishment Technology

Introducing a New Monthly Webinar Series

The GAMUT Live Webinar is a new monthly Idealliance webinar series featuring a “gamut” of speakers and topics important to the print and packaging supply chain.

You’ve heard Jeff Collins on the GAMUT podcast, interviewing experts from around the world who share highly informative, technical leading practices and initiatives on all aspects of the print and packaging supply chain.

Now there is a new addition to the GAMUT series—a monthly webinar so you can further your knowledge about supply chain management, global print standards, workflow and process control standardization, brand and color management, and more.

In the first of this new monthly series, Idealliance will sit down with Mark Geeves of Color-Logic and discuss the advantages in the inkjet print embellishments market that are revolutionizing brands and creatives’ capabilities. Register here »

In This Webinar:

Guest Expert Mark Geeves explores how top-quality printers manage consistent special effect embellishments for digital, offset, and flexo packaging applications with G7® calibration and Color-Logic™ System for metallic embellishments. The rapidly growing capability of special effect embellishments helps brands and print services make a differentiating impression. Quality management of this evolving technology is critical to avoiding disaster.

Date: October 28th

Time: 11:00 a.m. EST

Register Here »

Join us on October 28th at 11 a.m. EST to learn more.

Mark-Geeves-Color-LogicAbout Our Guest Expert

Mark Geeves is the Co-Founder and  Director of Sales & Marketing of Color-Logic Inc. He has over 30 years of experience in the measurement and control of color through his work at X-Rite, Color Savvy, BEST Color, Electronics for Imaging (EFI), GretagMacbeth and Ciba. His expertise is bringing new technologies to market on a global basis. He had extensive involvement in bringing portable instrumentation, embedded instrumentation and automated measurement devices into the graphic arts and color & appearance marketplaces. Mark worked on making ICC color management technology affordable and continues to serve on committees to make implementation easier for printing and publishing applications. Mark has worldwide experience in the development and implementation of color programs in the graphic arts, plastics, automotive and paint markets. As President of BestColor in the Americas he was involved in making inkjet proofing the standard for the Graphic Arts marketplace. Today Mark is helping printers differentiate themselves and their client’s printed marketing materials and packaging at a fraction of the time can cost versus traditional methods of embellishment.

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