A New, REMOTE, Normal for Press Checks—Replay

COVID-19 has forced brands to rethink how they approach ensuring color accuracy. Travel restrictions have eliminated the last-chance option for an on-site press check. What options are there, in order to be sure that brand colors can be reproduced accurately? What can be implemented quickly to keep projects on track and help protect the brands we work so hard to build?

A BrandQ® webinar from Idealliance for brands, creatives, and print buyers.

This insightful webinar provides brands, creatives, and print buyers with guidance on how to deal with COVID-19 safety precautions that make it almost impossible for team members to be able to go to press runs to approve print projects. It turns out that what seems like a bad thing actually presents a unique opportunity to learn a new way to work from a distance and gain even more control over the way your brand prints.

Taught by Ron Ellis, a consultant specializing in color management, automation and workflow integration, and Andy Bullock, a Partner at Spanner, LLC, a creative studio in Portland, Oregon, focused on design, print, and color management consulting, this webinar has practical tips and actionable ideas that can help:

  • Adapt to travel restrictions and WFH protocols impacting approvals/workflows
  • Improve communication and eliminate surprises
  • Lead to faster internal and external turn around
  • Better visualization and creative decision making
  • Improved print quality, cost reduction and efficiency

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