During the MyPrivateBrand online Design Summit May 12-13, co-presenters Mike Grady, VP Global Partnerships at Idealliance and Christine Gallagher, Global Brand Leader at X-Rite/Pantone, will share insights that help private brands implement color and print quality management best practices from global standards to technology to ensure a consistent brand experience.

“MyPrivateBrand brings together private brand leaders from around the world all looking for ways to address their most pressing challenges, emerging trends, and cutting-edge design. It’s a great opportunity to highlight the significant influence global standards and data-driven print quality methodologies have on design execution.”

— Mike Grady, VP Global Partnerships, Idealliance

Support for Brands to Maintain Brand Integrity

Idealliance offers training for brands to help them monitor and control print quality across the entire supply chain. Participants include certified professionals from many well-known brands around the world.

BrandQ Manager online training helps brand managers communicate expectations and requirements and then carefully monitor and measure these throughout their supply chain. Brand managers who take the BrandQ Manager training learn the language of quality control and print measurement and how to effectively communicate expectations with suppliers. They learn how to determine if suppliers can meet their expectations and how to best work with spot colors, among many other critical components. The program results in a vastly improved brand/supplier relationship and upholds brand integrity.

This program is currently on sale for 20% off with discount code: IDEABRANDQ.

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Mike Grady, Idealliance

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