The re-imagined Guide to Print Production Volume 21 is now available as a printed guide or download

Alexandria, VA (December 16, 2020) – Idealliance has released Volume 21 of the Guide to Print Production and it is available now. Packed full of leading practices, standards, and specifications for print and packaging, this edition marks a new milestone for the Guide to Print Production. It is now offered as a textbook, printed on-demand and designed to serve as the definitive reference guide to the critical science of color reproduction. The Guide to Print Production is created by the Idealliance Print Properties Committee—composed of professionals from brands and print buyers, creative and design, print service providers, and manufacturing and technology partners—to produce an everyday resource to be used in creation and production.

The Guide to Print Production is a practical handbook for anyone invested in the process of print communications. At the heart of this guide are the standards and specifications that make color possible and practical. For example, the Guide includes Idealliance’s G7® specification, the world’s leading color specification, along with other science-based approaches to accurate, repeatable color reproduction. Using G7 and related processes explained in this guide will move every member of the print supply chain towards greater efficiency and profitability.

The re-imagined Guide to Print Production Volume 21 is now available as a printed guide or download. | Idealliance

The book is organized into three parts. The first covers basic information about color print reproduction and is designed specially to benefit students and newcomers to the industry. The second part lays out the work of Idealliance and its standards-development, training, and certification programs to improve professional competency and workflow efficiency.

The third part is the core of the Guide to Print Production containing current, practical descriptions of specifications defining graphic communications color workflow including G7®, GRACoL®, SWOP®. This section goes in-depth for color, design, and print management on the specific data sets, targets, procedures, and workflow dynamics to be considered in print and packaging creation and production. The Guide goes a step further and takes the industry into the future by describing vital new processes initiated and supported by Idealliance’s scientific, standards-based approach with extended color gamut (ECG) printing and spot color tone value (SCTV).

“This Guide to Print Production series has been serving the print and packaging industry and Idealliance members for more than twenty years. The Guide is one part of how we train the current and future generations of our industry by offering expert training and certification in a wide range of print and packaging processes as well as certification of systems and facilities to ensure workflow reliability. Idealliance serves as a global leader in new workflow standards and specifications and technical papers and guidelines, and with the Guide, our GAMUT podcast, and regular updates, we keep the professionals informed of new trends in the industry. Plus the Idealliance Print Properties Committee—its chair Ron Ellis, and the other members’ contributions must be recognized for their additional support and many hours making the Guide possible,” said Jordan Gorski, Senior Vice President, Idealliance.

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