Alexandria, VA (January 7, 2021) – During the week of December 14th, 2020, twenty-five color management specialists attended live online training to earn their G7® Expert and G7 Professional certifications. G7 is the leading color initiative in print consistency and near neutral appearance, and the G7 methodology specifies how to align any 4-color CMYK print output to align all print technologies, regardless of where or how a product is printed. 

G7 Expert and Professional training, which is offered exclusively through Idealliance and its affiliate partners, is designed for leaders in print and color management from around the globe to implement and manage G7 based workflows and supply chains. The 5-day live online training was led by Ron Ellis, chair of Idealliance’s Print Properties Committee and leading G7 Expert Trainer, and attendees included leading print and packaging OEMs, global color experts, and renowned print service providers. 

Now with this Idealliance certification, these new G7 Experts and Professionals are recognized leaders in color management and print supply chain alignment.

As the new year begins, the next G7 online training will start January 25, in partnership with Fujifilm Graphics. Additional global trainings will also follow in China, Mexico, Taiwan, and Australia by Idealliance’s global network of international offices.

View a full calendar of G7 training events here, or locate a G7 Expert to align your supply chain using the official Idealliance G7 Expert directory here »

Learn More About G7 Training & Certification

G7 is the industry-leading standard for near-neutral and visual uniformity across all print technology. It aligns the global print supply chain through print alignment specifications and strategies—which reduces production cost and time—and print quality and consistency across the entire supply chain. G7 aligns Print Anywhere®.  

For more information, please visit www.idealliance.org/g7 or contact Jordan Gorski at +1 (703) 837-1096 or jgorski@idealliance.org.


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