Alexandria, VA (March 8, 2021) – In February, Idealliance and Idealliance Australasia conducted G7 Training and certified 17 G7 Experts and G7 Professionals through online live training.

“The global growth of the G7® methodology, as demonstrated by the continued demand for training around the world, is the driving factor for meeting the color critical needs of brands and print buyers, who demand consistency and color quality, regardless of where and how their products are printed,” says Jordan Gorski, Executive Director of Idealliance.”

Through two G7 training events, held by Idealliance in the United States and by Idealliance Australasia based in Sydney, these individuals attended live online training which prepared them with the knowledge, experience, and ability to implement and manage G7 across all four-color (CMYK) print processes.

In the US, Idealliance certified G7 Expert Trainer David Hunter led G7 training for individuals from across the Americas. Leading print technology OEMs, print service providers, and packaging professionals saw first-hand how to implement and manage G7 based workflows and technology, while seeing how leading G7 based color systems produce visual consistency from an easily manageable calibration state, based on a methodology for targeting the most recognized reference print conditions required by print buyers.

“While the training occurred over five consecutive half-days, our G7 Expert Trainer, David Hunter, spent hours of his own additional time, supporting participants to ensure they were well prepared to take G7 into their production,” says Gorski. “Idealliance certified G7 Expert Trainers like David Hunter give these individuals who join Idealliance training the ability to implement G7 in their own facilities, even while they are participating from across the country, or across international borders.”

Idealliance Australasia’s David Crowther, also an Idealliance certified G7 Expert Trainer, led the first online Australian based event, with participants joining him from across Australia and Asia.

“The continued effort by both David Crowther and David Hunter to support training participants during the events, and for an extended period beyond the training events, aligns with Idealliance’s commitment and mission to serve the industry and drive print technology to the next level. Regardless of where our training is occurring around the world, Idealliance, and its roster of certified Idealliance trainers, are committed to this mission,” continues Jordan Gorski.

Additional training opportunities are also available in March and April, along with introductory G7® Open Houses which include G7 Trainers who field questions and provide background prior to G7 Training sessions.

Attend the next G7 Open House March 22, 2021 – led by Mike Grady of Idealliance and Dr. Mark Bohan, G7 Expert Trainer, of Konica Minolta Business Solutions.

G7 Training hosted in partnership with Idealliance & Konica Minolta April 12-16, 2021 is also now open for registration. Attend the open house to find out more and receive a special registration discount for G7 Training.

Register and find out more at www.idealliance.org/g7training


For questions or more information contact Jordan Gorski, Executive Director, Idealliance, at +1 (703) 837-1096 or jgorski@idealliance.org.


G7® is Idealliance’s globally recognized, industry-leading set of specifications for achieving gray balance and is the driving force for achieving visual similarity across all print processes. Idealliance G7® Experts & G7®Professionals are certified leaders in the field of G7 methodology, color management, and process control and globally recognized in the Official Idealliance Certification directory at Idealliance.org.



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