Industry Leaders from GrayHair Software, Intelisent, Microsoft & Sony Recognized

  Alexandria, VA (March 19, 2019) – Each year Idealliance recognizes professionals in the graphic communications industry for their innovation and advancement of the industry. Tim Baechle, Idealliance CEO, said, “Our success – industry and Idealliance – is generated through industry professionals – by their knowledge, immense support and selfless giving of their time, the most unrenewable resource. They move our industry forward through their extraordinary expertise.” The following Awards were announced by Idealliance: DONALD A. MUMMA AWARD The Donald A. Mumma Award is the highest award of distinction that Idealliance presents in distribution and mail supply chain and technology. The award is named for Donald A. Mumma, US Postal Service mailing requirements manager at the Washington, DC Headquarters who was committed to customer focus and industry dialogue in the late 1970s. He saw the advantage for mail supply chain partners and the US Postal Service to work together and was instrumental in launching the collaborative approach between Idealliance and the US Postal Service. The Award was founded in 1985 and over its history 36 industry innovators have been recognized. The Honoree in 2019 is Angelo Anagnostopoulos, Vice President of Postal Affairs, GrayHair Software. Rose Flanagan, Manager of Postal Strategies & Logistics, Data-Mail, Inc. and 2018 Mumma Award Honoree presented the 2019 Award and said, “Angelo’s actions and involvement demonstrates his ability to consider and improve the entire mail supply chain. He gives of his knowledge and expertise provide insights and the impact of USPS program before all the audit, oversight, and regulatory organizations. At the end of the day this quiet unassuming person closes his computer, changes into his leather jacket, straps on his helmet and motors off on his motorcycle.” CIRCLE OF EXCELLENCE AWARD The Idealliance Circle of Excellence Award was established in 2005 to recognize extraordinary contribution to the work of Idealliance transforming the graphic communication industry. Over the Award’s fourteen year history forty-seven industry luminaries have been recognized. These professionals advance Idealliance innovations for the industry through specifications, standards, certification, training and leading practices by working across all partners in the print and media supply chain from creators and service providers to brands, suppliers and technology manufacturers. In 2019 Circle of Excellence Award honorees are: Lisa Bowes, Manager, Webtrack Division, Intelisent Steadfast and insightful leadership for the Idealliance Mail Software Development Group (MSDG) since 2010 Andy Bullock, Special Projects, Sony Interactive Entertainment America Inspiration and advancement of brand quality programs and Idealliance BrandQ® program globally Brian Keith, Senior PM-Print & Color Management-Packaging and Content, Microsoft Leading and implementing brand quality supply chain certification globally between a brand and service providers For pictures of honorees please contact Timothy Baechle at  

About Idealliance Powering the Supply Chain.® Idealliance, a global think tank, is a non-profit graphic communications industry organization with 12 strategically located offices around the world. Idealliance serves brands, OEMs, service providers in print and packaging, content & media creators, fulfillment, mail delivery, creative agencies/teams, material suppliers, and innovators & developers worldwide. We do our work through ISO Standards Innovation, Print and Digital Workflows & Technologies Development & Integration, Technical Research & Industry Insights, Certification, Training, Brand & Facility Auditing Programs and serves as a Global Super Connector for brands, service providers, & OEMs throughout the world. Our specifications have transformed the graphic communications industry by defining production workflows for color (GRACoL®, SWOP®, XCMYK™, G7®, BrandQ®), content management (PRISM®), mail supply (Mail.dat®, Mail.XML™), and paper (papiNet®). Idealliance is the world’s foremost certifying body for competencies, systems, materials and facilities, and Idealliance, a Liaison ‘A’ to ISO TC130, is one of the world’s largest contributors and developers of ISO standards. Join us in creating the future of our industry. | 703-837-1070

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