Watch the replay of “Honoring the Brand: Using Color Servers to Maintain Brand Color and Keep Your Customer”

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1:52 – Using Kodak Colorflow for complete workflow integration (Dave Bulebush)

6:06 – Editing ICC profiles and device links

7:53 – Built-in reporting tools and G7 reporting

8:30 – Benefits of a color server

10:06 – What is a color server? (Mike Strickler)

13:59 – How a color server works

14:46 –Why do you need a color server?

17:15 – Typical color server operations

21:14 – Common issues when you don’t use a color server

25:07 – Color server Demo

39:13 – Testimonial

40:28 – Networked color servers

41:45 – Why should brand owners care?

44:48 – Why color servers matter (Ron Ellis)

47:36 – Color conversion for specific cases

53:09 – Why use a color server?

55:28 – Idealliance members with color servers

55:53 – About BrandQ®

57:13 – Q&A

About this BrandQ® Webinar

Holding brand color across a variety of machines and processes can be challenging. The goal is matching the same color across many different plants and substrates. Supply chains have variability, and often darker colors are affected by ink characteristics, overprints, and other machine specific variables. Color servers are one of the key tools used by suppliers to improve areas that cannot be corrected simply by using a plate curve or ink adjustment. In this webinar we will discuss when using a color server makes sense, what type of adjustments a color server can make, as well as examples of how a color server can correct a file to provide better reproduction.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • What a color server is, and what can it do
  • How to tell when a color server helps, and when it is not needed
  • How machines, inks, and supply chains vary, and impact consistency
  • Which art a color server can correct, with before and after examples and illustrations


  • Ron Ellis, Chair of Idealliance Print Properties & Colorimetric Council


  • David Bulebush, Knepper Press
  • Mike Strickler, MSP Graphic Services

This webinar was originally recorded live on Friday, May 15, 2020. It is part of the Idealliance BrandQ® webinar series. BrandQ® is a unique program focused on the packaging supply chain, providing tools, measurements, methods, and language for facilitating effective communications between brands and suppliers. Learn more about BrandQ » 

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