G7 Expert Virtual Open House | Mike Whelpley, Fujifilm Graphic Systems

G7 Expert Virtual Open House from Idealliance
Idealliance G7® Color Management Expert Training

Meet Your G7® Expert Trainer | Mike Whelpley, Fujifilm Graphic Systems

Learn from G7® Expert Trainer Mike Whelpley as he describes what the G7 Expert training will be like, broadcasted from the Fujifilm Graphics Innovation Hub, and answers questions about what to expect during the class.

About Mike Whelpley, Fujifilm Graphics North America

Mike has 30 years of experience working with professional print providers to align their printing and proofing systems for color accuracy and industry specifications. His experience encompasses conventional and digital offset print, flexographic print and digital ink-jet and wide format printing and proofing. Currently he is Solutions Development Manager for ColorPath Software and Field Implementation. He is also a certified Idealliance G7 Expert Trainer and is responsible for all private and public G7 Expert and G7 Professional training programs held at FUJIFILM Graphic Systems Division.

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    Learn from G7® Expert Trainer Mike Whelpley as he answers your questions about G7 and G7 Expert Training.

    Q&A Includes:

    1. Who is G7 for? Who should look into getting trained in the G7 methodology?
    2. How do you explain G7? Is it a standard or a process?
    3. How do you deal with paper instability when ink acceptance varies over a sheet area and dot gain can differ a lot over sheet area? Is averaging it enough?
    4. When talking about Expanded Color Gamut (ECG): at a high level, what can you tell us about where the industry is headed with regard to incorporating G7 and ECG? 
    5. and much much more…

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    Dates: June 21-25
    Time: 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm ET each day.
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    Mike Grady, Idealliance

    Set up a 15-minute call with Mike GradyVice President of Global Partnerships, to explore whether G7 is right for your company.
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