The Mail Professional Certification Program equips those involved in the extended printing and mailing supply chain with a complete understanding of the postal-facing aspects of mailing.

Become a Certified MailPro!

  • Developed in partnership with Epicomm and presented by Idealliance - the leading certifier of skills in the graphics communications supply chain.
  • MailPro Certification offers unparalleled access to a team of expert instructors with more than 400 years of combined experience in developing real-life mailing solutions and working effectively with the US Postal Service.
  • MailPro Certification includes 21 lessons-11+ hours of interactive video tutorials, designed for all stakeholders in the mail supply chain – Production, CSRs, Sales, Marketing, Design, IT and Business Managers.

Course 1MailPro Fundamentals Certification 

  • Mail Classes - 30 Mins
  • Processing Categories - 25 Mins
  • Network Operations – 52 Mins
  • Addressing – 33 Mins
  • Barcodes  – 27 Mins
  • Introduction To Mail.Dat®  – 43 Mins
  • Introduction To Mail.XML® – 17 Mins
  • Automation Mailings – 27 Mins
  • Non-Automation Mailings – 30 Mins
  • Postage Payment – 29 Mins
  • Reply and Return Services – 23 Mins
  • Special Services – 23 Mins
  • Resources and Relationships – 17 Mins
  • Certification Exam 

Course 2: MailPro Advanced Certification 

  • Addressing – 36 Mins
  • Network Operations – 25 Mins
  • Mids, Crids, & Stids – 15 Mins
  • Software – 59 Mins
  • Full Service and Mail Verification – 35 Mins
  • Mailers Scorecard – 14 Mins
  • Understanding Mail.dat Files – 12 Mins
  • CAPS Accounts & Mail  Anywhere – 12 Mins
  • Best Practices & Assessments – 24 Mins
  • Promotions – 37 Mins
  • Certification Exam

Certification and Course Updates

Upon successful completion of MailPro course exams, participants will be certified by Idealliance as a Certified MailPro, to serve as a symbol of their higher level of knowledge and qualification among peers. Certified MailPros receive a certificate of completion, program logos for use on company promotions and be listed in Idealliance’s Official Directory of Certified Experts. Certifications are valid for two (2) years. MailPro programs will be updated regularly with the latest in new applications, technologies, and USPS regulations. To maintain certification, students will receive access to the latest updates and must successfully complete a recertification training every two (2) years.

MailPro Instructors & Contributors

  • Danielle Aleman, Post-sort Supervisor, Wilen Direct
  • Angelo Anagnostopoulos, VP Postal Affairs, GrayHair Software, Inc.
  • Jody Berenblatt, Senior Advisor, GrayHair Advisors
  • Todd Black, Managing Director, Web Track Division, Intelisent Stephen Colella, Vice President, Postal Affairs, The Calmark Group Richard Domagala, Director of Postal Affairs, Mystic Logistics, Inc. Kevin Elkin, Postal Solutions & Technology, RR Donnelley
  • Rosemary Flanagan, Mgr Postal Strategies & Logistics, Data-Mail, Inc.
  • Peter Furka, Classification Specialist, Pricing & Classification Service Center, US Postal Service
  • Thomas Glassman, Director of Data Services and Postal Affairs, Wilen Direct
  • George Heinrich, The Postal Professor, Postal911
  • Lina Kelly, Postal Requirements Analyst, Time Customer Service, Inc. Shariq Mirza, President & CEO, Assurety Consulting Incorporated David Propst, Software Architect, Pitney Bowes Software
  • Leo Raymond, Vice President of Postal & Member Relations, Epicomm
  • Mark Rheaume, Natl. Postal Affairs Dir. & Partnership Liaison Officer, AccuZIP Inc.
  • Bob Rosser, Director Postal Affairs, Products & Services, IWCO Direct
  • Kurt Ruppel, Marketing Services Manager, IWCO Direct
  • Robert Schimek, Senior Director of Postal Affairs, Satori Software Inc. Paula Stoskopf, Director of Industry Affairs , Fairrington Transportation Co. John Whittington, Associate Director, Postal Operations & Affairs, Time Inc.

Online Training

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This is an exciting new program. There has never been a more critical time to have our best and brightest share their wealth of knowledge for new employees and those seeking advancement in our industry."



Current enrollees and Certified MailPros are invited to monthly meetings led by course  instructors and mailing experts, who will address their real-life  questions and applications, and offer updates on new technologies and mailing best practices.

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