eKG Competitive Edge Profile

Perhaps the most significant measure of a company’s future success is how its customers rate it. Sadly, most companies never find out that a customer is unhappy until the customer leaves.  The eKG Competitive Edge Profile™ was developed by Epicomm to show how customers perceive you, how they rate you against your competition, and how they judge you in the areas that are most important to each of your customers. The Idealliance eKG Competitive Edge Profile is not just a satisfaction survey; it is a competitive tool that can help identify where a company’s falling short against its competitors and the steps it can take to increase the “value gap” between it and its competition.
Customers are asked to score the company on 16 standard issues in three ways:
1. customer satisfaction with the company;
2. customer satisfaction with the company’s primary competitors;
3. importance of each particular issue to the customer.
1. Customer list provided by the client
2. Introduction sent to customers on client’s letterhead and email
3. Customer response rates range from 40% - 50%
4. List is benchmarked to pinpoint improvements and increase profi tability
5. Clients compare customers or customer segments to another
6. Track performance over time and read valuable write-in comments from customers
7. Compare performance to 20,000+ previously surveyed industry customers
Six-to-eight weeks after the first mailing, clients will receive a report detailing where their organization outpaces or falls short of its competition. An Idealliance advisor reviews the report over the phone with company executives, interpreting the report, answering any questions, and helping develop an action plan.
Success in today’s graphic communications industry depends heavily on the quality of a company’s customer relationships. An Idealliance Competitive Edge Profile enables a company to quantify those relationships on a Quality Competitive Index (QCI) scale. Idealliance’s historical database shows QCI to be directly related to profitability. By helping the client improve its customer relationships, an Idealliance Competitive Edge Profile enables it to identify steps it can take immediately to become more profitable.
To learn how an Idealliance eKG Competitive Edge Profile can help strengthen your competitive positioning and profitability, contact Idealliance eKG specialist Leslie Karhoff at 703-837-1091 or lkarhoff@Idealliance.org.