The Idealliance Ideadvisor program is transitioning to include the Business Advisory Team members of Epicomm. Business Advisory Services offer consulting services in critical areas of graphic communications management. From mergers and acquisitions to sales, strategic planning to leadership, Epicomm brings industry-specific knowledge directly to your company’s individual needs. The expertise and offerings of the Business Advisory Team are captured in a variety of business services, each specifically designed to fit your company’s size, issues, and needs. The BAG team has a unique process that is designed to take the fear out of “consulting” by defining specific deliverables, processes, and expectations – creating a platform for building a customized program tailored to your company and your situation.

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For questions, contact:

Mike Philie 
Managing Director
Business Advisory Services
O: 201.523.6302
M: 301.466.5896

1800 Diagonal Road
Suite 320
Alexandria, VA