Hard Proofing System Certification

The IDEAlliance Proofing System Certification program is intended to convey proofing system capability associated with GRACoL® and SWOP® specifications, and comply with ISO 12647-7, with the following omissions:

• Gloss
• Fade
• Light fastness and resolving power
• Margin information as to proof identification

Certification Categories

The IDEAlliance Proofing Certification Program is made up of two separate catagories:

Instructions and downloads for submitting a SWOP or GRACoL Hard Copy and
Monitor Proofing System for Certification

1. Certification Pricing and Application Instructions

2. Proofing Certification Program Document
          a.  Annex A Test Forms Content
          b.  Annex E ADS Template for Hard Copy Proofs
          c.  Annex F ADS Template for Monitors
          d.  Annex G Example ADS

3. Download the proofing forms
          a.  12x17 Proofing Forms zip file
          b.  17x21 Proofing Forms zip files

Register your Proofing System