CMP Offset Print

The Color Management Professional® Offset Print Certification Course and Exam is designed exclusively for sheetfed print professionals. The new ‘CMP Offset Print’ course by Instructor Ron Ellis is updated with the latest industry standards, targeted to offset print processes, offering an easy-to-understand instructional guide to color management principles in the sheetfed pressroom.

Who Should Enroll: Premedia and offset print production professionals and managers

Ron Ellis
Ron Ellis Consulting LLC


Lessons: (3.1 Hours Total)

1. Introduction to Offset Print                                        

2. Industry Standards and Offset                                             

3. Offset Print Color Spaces                                        

4. G7 and Offset Print                                                   

5. Plates, Paper and Ink                                                                

6. Conventional & Spot Color Inks                            

7. UV Hue and Metallic Inks                                        

8. Measurement and Offset Print

9. Offset Press Preparation

10. Offset Press Calibration

11. Evaluation and Offset Print

12. Tolerances and Offset Print

13. Process Control

14. Machine Capability

15. Certification Exam

Member Price: $295.00
Network Price: $295.00
Non-Member Price: $395.00