What’s New With GRACoL: March/April 2014


The GRACoL Committee is currently working on multiple projects

New GRACoL 2013 and Updated GRACoL 2013 Dataset now available
For the past 7 years GRACoL 2006 has been the primary reference print condition used by designers and print buyers in North America and other regions of the world. The GRACoL Committee is testing a slightly updated version GRACoL 2013 (CGATS 21 RPC-6). GRACoL 2013 is almost identical to GRACoL 2006, with only a few minor differences that should not affect print buyers and print providers. Information on New GRACoL 2013 and updated SWOP 2013 profiles are available for download here:

2013 G7 Datasets (CGATS 21/ISO 15339) – DOWNLOAD
Profiles: http://www.idealliance.org/downloads/swop2013-and-gracol2013-icc-profiles
New reference datasets are available for download here: http://www.color.org/registry/index.xalter

M1 Proof to Pressmatch Study
The GRACoL Committee is conducting an M1 Proof to Pressmatch study for review at the February Print Properties meeting. New datasets such as GRACoL 2013 and newest ISO 12647-2 revision specify M1 measurement data for both proof and pressmatch. This study is partially completed and M1 based proof to press match samples are currently being evaluated using 3 press sheets and a number of proofing stocks with varying degrees of optical brighteners. The results will be presented at the February Print Properties meeting for peer review and evaluation.

Document Updates for GRACoL 2013 and new datasets
The GRACoL Committee is currently updating the Adobe Color Settings Files, the Proofing Verifier Spreadsheet, and the Substrate Relative Calculator (SCAA) spreadsheet to reflect changes in the new datasets. Watch here for those and other documents related to the new datasets.

New Documents from the GRACoL Committee
There are a number of new documents available from the GRACoL Committee that can be downloaded here:

Expanded Gamut Printing for Offset Printers
We have started a project to explore using G7 with expanded gamut offset printing. At the August Print Properties meeting Don Hutcheson proposed formal work on an expanded G7 calibration procedure for an expanded gamut G7 dataset. Most good sheetfed printers are capable of increasing the quality and gamut of their print condition using their normal CMYK inks. The GRACoL committee is developing a set of procedures and best practices to be used by offset printers to calibrate to an expanded gamut G7 calibration in their shops. This project is being discussed during upcoming GRACoL committee calls, and we will begin conducting test runs in the next few months.

New IDEAlliance Control Wedge
Print Properties Committee has just completed a 3 row control strip project, which was led by Bruce Bayne. The new control strip contains additional patches, and has been updated. You can download the new control strip from the following link below. (The previous IDEAlliance 2009 control strip is also still valid as well).


G7 Master Pass/Fail Guidelines
The G7 Master Pass/Fail Guidelines have been published and are available for download for over a year now. The G7 Master Pass/Fail describes detailed pass/fail requirements for press sheets submitted to IDEAlliance and their auditor for G7 Master and G7 PC Qualification. After 18 months of review and editing, this document is finally complete! All G7 Experts and G7 PC Experts should be familiar with this document.

IDEAlliance releases Print Guidelines:
has released its 12th Edition of Printing Guidelines, categorizing the latest best practices and specifications for printing. The 44-page guide addresses the demands of evolving customer needs, the new challenges of acting globally, and the latest changes in technology. From specifications such as GRACoL® and SWOP® to updates in lighting and measurement, and the addition of the G7® specification TR015, this publication addresses the latest best practices in printing in North America and Internationally. The guide is available atwww.idealliance.org/print-guidelines12.

New Lighting Standard –  ISO 3664:2009
There has been a great deal of discussion about the new lighting standard and best practices for use with the new bulbs. We are working on GRACoL Committee recommendations for printers who need a proof to press match.

Other News TBD

GRACoL calls take place frequently. We are always looking for feedback – please contact us – ron@ronellis.usand send us your thoughts.

Ron Ellis, Jeff Collins, Mike Rodriquez