The mission of the XMPInterOp Working Group is to identify and address XMP interoperability issues in order to enable the broader media industry to gain the efficiencies and workflow automation that the implementation of XMP-based “smart assets” promises to provide.


Ad portal vendors and publishers alike have invested time and effort into the development of specifications that employ XMP to communicate production and business parameters as Ad Materials are produced and passed from the ad material provider to the publisher.  Yet adoption of these XMP specifications has been minimal at best. In an effort to advance the adoption of XMP by validating XMP interoperability, IDEAlliance HAs undertakEN an XMP interoperability test.  In this first test, the scope has been purposefully kept narrow.  The scope of the test is limited to tools that process PDF ad materials files between the materials provider and delivery to the publisher. The scope of this test is limited to XMP interoperability.  This test does not include verifying that the fields in the current GWG Job Ticket meet the needs of publishers.

  • AdStream
  • Blanchard Systems SendMyAd
  • Dalim Twist
  • Quad Graphics AdShuttle
  • Specle
  • Hachette Filipacchi Magazines
  • Time, Inc. Direct2Time
  • All Category 1 tools tested can correctly preserve and pass along PDF files with embedded XMP data to the next workflow step.
  • All Category 2 tools tested can correctly modify/update embedded XMP data in PDF Ad Materials. GWG fields already embedded in Ad Materials can reliably maintain business and production information from an Ad Materials Supplier to a Publisher.

► Download the Test Results from the January 2011 XMPinterop Test