August 22, 2013

Emerging Technologies for Marketing & Print Service Providers

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Discover what's hot in digital print and related technologies!


In this webinar, attendees will learn about some of the hot, emerging digital print and related technologies that are in their infant stages or coming in the near future. This webinar will help determine if you are ahead of the curve, behind the curve, and what exactly is the curve! Discover key industry trends that are driving needed technology improvements and innovation for print service providers. Learn what questions to ask your technology suppliers to keep your operation state-of-the-art!

 Attend and discover…

  1. Market changes and emerging trends
  2. Print technology advancements
  3. Inkjet readiness
  4. Quality vs. Productivity vs. Cost
  5. Business transformation – challenges and opportunities
  6. Keys to workflow optimization
  7. Automation - Why and to what end?
  8. Integrating new technologies into legacy workflows
  9. Case Studies of those who invested in new technologies: challenges and achievements.
  10. Near term and long-term predictions.

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David Zwang
Zwang & Co.

David Zwang, travels around the globe helping companies increase their productivity, margins and market reach. With over 40 years of industry experience, David specializes in process analysis, and strategic development of firms in the fields of publishing, design, premedia, and printing across the globe. He began in the graphic arts as a commercial photographer, and has since founded and sold several prepress and printing operations. His experience includes expertise in pre-media and cross media publishing, with an extensive background in digital, offset, and flexo printing processes. His expertise in production optimization, strategic business planning, market analysis, and related services to companies in the vertical media communications market has transformed many businesses. Please contact him at;

Event Date

August 22, 2013

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